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a flattened stem resembling and functioning as a leaf

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Spineless cladodes are preferred since spine removal from the cladode area is easier than for spiny cladodes [28].
Detection of trypsin inhibitors, chymotrypsin inhibitors and elastase inhibitors in the cladodes.
However, Bowers (1996) suggests that the cladodes produced during the previous year leads to a higher number of unused areoles that translated into a higher number of new cladodes and flowers that was not necessarily coupled with rainfall.
monacantha cladodes methanolic extract and various organic fractions.
However, most vegetative reproduction occurred close to the parent plant because big cladodes do not easily move far and the long spines of O.
zonatus bugs were crushed on yellow pitaya cladodes on August 26, September 2 and 9, 2009.
Opuntia engelmanni plants apparently adjust the relative proportion of new cladodes and flowers in response to the previous year's resource expenditure (Bowers, 1996c).
This predictability also extends to other desert species such as Opuntia where the fresh weights of cladodes are correlated with cladode width ([r.
We propose that calcium deficiency is produced in female Texas tortoises by an interaction of the calcium cost of producing large eggs, a diet seasonally high in Opuntia fruit and cladodes (R.
One popular modern use of the prickly pear is to eat the tender young cladodes, the technical name for the flattened stem pads; they are known as nopalitos and are cut into strips and cooked on a hotplate (see photo on p.
Here we provide results for selection on heat-shock resistance in the cactophilic Drosophila, Drosophila buzzatii, which inhabits necrotic cladodes of Opuntia cactus, generally in hot and sun-exposed environments (Barker and Mulley 1976), with temperatures in the cladodes at noon commonly exceeding 37 [degrees] C (Krebs and Loeschcke 1994).
At harvest, the measurements of the cladodes (CT thickness, CL--length, CW--width, CP--perimeter and CA--cladode area per order of appearance: B--basal; 1--first order; 2--second order; 3--third order) and of the plant (TNC--total number of cladodes of the plant per order of appearance NC1, NC2 and NC3, PH--height and PW--width of the plant, CAI--cladode area index) were obtained through biometric campaign.