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Antonyms for civilian

a nonmilitary citizen

associated with civil life or performed by persons who are not active members of the military


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An estimated one million of these bomblets remained unexploded, posing a hazard to civillian movement.
Civillian labor force by sex, age, race, and Hispanic origin, 1984, 1994, 2004 and projected 2014 [Numbers in thousands] Level Group 1984 1994 2004 2014 Total, 16 years and 113,544 131,056 147,401 162,100 16-24 23,989 21,612 22,268 22,158 25-54 74,661 93,898 102,122 105,627 55 and older 14,894 15,547 23,011 34,316 Percent distribution Group 1984 1994 2004 2014 Total, 16 years and 100.
The ceremony following the exercise ignifies a transformation from civillian recruit to Navy Sailor.
In all it's entirety an overview of my own experiences since my insertion into the civillian landscape would not only render any reader un- fairly incomprable, moreover the banality in which you contrive to exist in your futile landscape implicates to one's own that indeed I must strive to march forth with my own avant garde approach to life.
2000) (affirming division of a non-vested civillian pension).
Seven monks and five civillian workers from St Ninians, in the heart of the Stirlingshire countryside, have been reported to the fiscal.
Tenders are invited for Conservancy Maintenance Of Drains, Nallahs, Defence Sf Quaters And Defence Civillian Quarters Etc.
e USS Vincennes, a US warship stationed in the Persian Gulf, shot down with a ballistic missile a civillian airliner ying from Iran to Dubai.
Rhyl Paramedic Tony Stephens, pictured in his civillian uniform (left) raced from the ramp of his crew's Chinook chopper to help carry a wounded soldier to safety Tony Stephens of Rhyl (right), has been put forward for recognition following his actions as part of the RAF MERT (Medical Emergency Response Team) in the Sangin area last December
Israeli soldiers bomb civillian targets, hospitals, schools.
Bill Weightman, chairman of Merseyside police authority, today warned of civillian redundancies if his pleas go unanswered.
and shelter cluster in early May 2013, less than 400 civillian were in county headquater and were to be quickly
Afourth member of the plot, the civillian brother-in-law of one of the men, will be sentenced on Thursday.
The purpose of this Prior Information Notice is to notify the market of South Wales Police~s intention to procure the services of a provider of Civillian Detention Officers.