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Antonyms for civilian

a nonmilitary citizen

associated with civil life or performed by persons who are not active members of the military


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Brigade Commander said that the aggressive Indian military approach began after the Modi government took office in India in 2014, and this part of Kotli district, where the Line of Control extends to an area of 77 kilometres, witnessed large-scale shelling, mortar fire and other kinds of attacks targeting the civilian population.
The civilian population, the official said, are being subjected to repeated and argeted violence to a level the medical charity said it had never seen since its operation started.
He said that, after nearly five decades of Israeli aggression, violence, and collective punishment, which has resulted in thousands of Palestinian deaths and injuries and trauma to the entire civilian population, the international community should not allow one more day to go by where the Palestinian people are left without international protection.
The interior ministry officials further testified that Pakistani forces do not target the Indian civilian population, but respond to aggression by targeting Indian security posts.
UN and foreign aid agency officials have repeatedly called for a ceasefire to supply the civilian population with desperately needed food, medicines and fuel.
While international humanitarian law, specifically as codified in the Fourth Geneva Convention, stipulates the responsibility of the occupying Power for the protection of the civilian population under its occupation, Israel is instead launching daily assaults on the Palestinian civilian population.
The draft UN resolution expresses "grave concern in particular at the resulting heavy civilian casualties among the Palestinian civilian population, including among children" and at the deepening humanitarian situation in Gaza.
Using denial of emergency relief to the civilian population as a deliberate strategy could constitute a war crime, continued the Foreign Minister.
WASHINGTON (PAN): Protecting the civilian population is the highest priority for international forces in Afghanistan, the United States said on Wednesday, blaming the insurgents for waging a campaign against non-combatants.
Iraq's US occupiers "wasted billions" on ill-planned construction projects while blithely ignoring the concerns of the civilian population following the invasion of 2003, according to a new report.
EVEN as the remorseless gunfire of Newton, Connecticut, ricocheted across the consciousness of a jolted world, Mail Today reported that licensed arms in the possession of Ghaziabad's civilian population outnumbered those in the police armoury by four- to- one.
Developments on the battlefield in specialties such as orthopaedics were later used to treat the civilian population.
Although the date for the end of the operation is moving closer, the ambassadors at the meeting are not expected to decide on the termination of the operation in Libya, because there is still a threat to the civilian population.
The key will be the protection of the civilian population, so when no threat exists against the civilian population then the time will have come to terminate our operation," The Guardian quoted Rasmussen, as saying at the start of the two-day meeting in Brussels, which will include Arab states involved in the campaign.
It was feared the craft could pose a threat to the civilian population of the rebel held coast if left unchecked.
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