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a war between factions in the same country

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Though I was a mere child during the preparation for the Civil War and during the war itself, I now recall the many late-at-night whispered discussions that I heard my mother and the other slaves on the plantation indulge in.
During the Civil War one of my young masters was killed, and two were severely wounded.
The Fraysers were well-to-do, having a good position in such society as had survived the wreck wrought by civil war.
From our Revolution to the Civil War, to the Great Depression, to the Civil Rights movement, our people have always mustered the determination to construct from these crises the pillars of our history.
And my father went back to fight in the Civil War," Saxon said.
I looked at her from time to time thinking: She has seen slavery, she has seen the Commune, she knows two continents, she has seen a civil war, the glory of the Second Empire, the horrors of two sieges; she has been in contact with marked personalities, with great events, she has lived on her wealth, on her personality, and there she is with her plumage unruffled, as glossy as ever, unable to get old: - a sort of Phoenix free from the slightest signs of ashes and dust, all complacent amongst those inanities as if there had been nothing else in the world.
His importance lay rather in being the last of a race which had totally perished, she added in a completely drawing-room tone, "in our Civil War.
This exceptionable principle may, as truly as emphatically, be styled the parent of anarchy: It has been seen that delinquencies in the members of the Union are its natural and necessary offspring; and that whenever they happen, the only constitutional remedy is force, and the immediate effect of the use of it, civil war.
The Roots and Consequences of Civil Wars and Revolutions: Conflicts That Changed World History
Lebanon witnessed many civil wars, and it is a cycle.
Explicitly comparative in its analysis--and drawing examples from the seventeenth century civil wars on the British Isles, the U.
Most of the best Roman historians lived in the early Empire, and for them, the age of the Gracchi and the civil wars was fairly recent history.
Until quite recently, students of English literature were, by and large, happy to concur in the myth that literature and the arts were among the first casualties of the English Civil Wars.
The World Bank urged the international community Wednesday to boost economic assistance, improve global governance of natural resources and promote timely peacekeeping efforts to help prevent civil wars in poor countries.
In a way, we still fight civil wars daily, based on culture and society.
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