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a voluntary union for life (or until divorce) of adult parties of the same sex

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The civil union bill also allows same-sex partners to marry or form a civil partnership.
Italy, which was one of the last countries in Europe to legalize gay marriage, allowed gay civil unions in October.
Italy's defence minister is to personally officiate a same-sex civil union, in a move she said would send a strong message against discrimination and harassment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in the armed forces.
A BRAZILIAN throuple that was joined in a civil union last October plans to fight for legal recognition of their polyamorous relationship, using the same-sex marriage struggle as a template.
When civil unions are added to the question, voters are more permissive: 39 percent say they would allow marriage, 28 percent would allow civil unions and 25 percent say they would not allow either sort of formal bond.
Under February's ruling, thousands of same-sex couples already in civil unions instantly became eligible to convert those into legal marriages, with the option of making their wedding date retroactive to when their civil union took place.
12 to establish a legal institution of nonmarital civil unions between same-sex couples in recognition of gay and lesbian civil rights and end existing discrimination against that sector of the population.
He said he's not taking a stand against civil unions themselves, but he contends the council exceeded its legal authority.
It is obvious that the church will not agree with this and I understand the position of the Roman Catholic Church, but the government has a very clear mandate to legislate civil unions in this country and that is what we will be doing," Muscat said, according to The Times.
We understand that it is very, very important to have civil rights and civil unions.
If he does, Illinois would become the 11th state to recognize civil unions or marriages between gay and lesbian couples.
Some legal scholars have proposed a simple solution: the government could offer civil unions to all couples, straight or gay.
Across Latin America, civil unions between same-sex couples are recognised in some cities in Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina and Mexico.
The spread of civil unions and same-sex marriage is leading to another key debate in lesbian civil rights: the laws surrounding child custody.
But civil unions come up short of full marriage equality.