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a voluntary union for life (or until divorce) of adult parties of the same sex

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Accept called on parliament to proceed immediately with the voting of the Civil Union Bill in the correct spirit in which it was submitted to the House by the ministry of interior in May.
99 percentage points on the civil unions question and +/- 4.
The Illinois House of Representatives and Senate passed landmark civil unions legislation Nov.
Two law professors from Pepperdine University, a Christian college in Malibu, California, have argued that this is just the legal adjustment needed to resolve the contradiction created by Proposition 8 in California, which overturned "marriage" for same-sex couples while preserving civil unions.
The civil unions can take place since the law took effect at 12:01 a.
Twenty-six states have passed constitutional amendments defining marriage and of these, over half have passed language that also prohibits any other form of relationship recognition for same-sex couples, such as civil unions or domestic partnerships.
The fight in Vermont was a full-on custody battle, and then it became more of a jurisdictional question: Can a parent undo a custody ruling from a state that recognizes civil unions and nonbiological parents by going to a state that does not?
In 2005, a bill that would have allowed civil unions and barred discrimination passed the Democratic-controlled Senate but never got a hearing in the House.
The law gives couples in civil unions many of the same rights as married couples, including automatic hospital visitation rights, the ability to make emergency medical decisions for partners, the ability to share a room in a nursing home, adoption and parental rights, pension benefits, inheritance rights and the right to dispose of a partner's remains.
org calling on Attorney General Tom Horne to drop his planned lawsuit against the City of Bisbee for its new civil unions ordinance.
He said he's not taking a stand against civil unions themselves, but he contends the council exceeded its legal authority.
The newspaper reported that in a meeting with church officials, Muscat made a point to discuss civil unions.
12 to establish a legal institution of nonmarital civil unions between same-sex couples in recognition of gay and lesbian civil rights and end existing discrimination against that sector of the population.
5-7, 2007 USA Today/Gallup poll, three-quarters of Republicans nationwide (including independents who lean to the Republican Party) are unsure whether Giuliani favors or opposes civil unions for same-sex couples (he favors them, though he opposes gay marriage).
But in other respects Swiss civil unions will be marriages by another name.