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a war between factions in the same country

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Residents of Fnaydeq will not remain silent and they insist on knowing the identities of those who want to incite civil strife," he added.
Thus, we should be content with Nasrallah's promise of civil peace, and that no civil strife is on the way.
AN NAHAR quoted Jumblat as stressing the importance of the STL's mission "in order to reveal the truth" regarding Hariri's murder and all the Lebanese politicians and journalists who were killed after him, and to "avoid plunging Lebanon into civil strife.
The resolution also accused the militants of trying to incite sectarian and civil strife in the Country, which had been foiled by Punjab masses by holding peaceful rallies.
In 1972 Nimeiry signed the Addis Ababa Agreement with the South putting an end to the civil war till 1983 after he took a series of steps that violated the terms of the accord prompting a renewal of civil strife.
World experts on civil strife are both scholars and politicians and offer essays which provide historical and political insights alike, accompanying detailed maps showing conflict progress and focal points of action, tables, chronologies of events, and more.
The troops would be stationed in Chad and the Central African Republic, two countries which border the Darfur region where 200,000 people have been killed in civil strife.
But even though it doesn't have diamonds or oil or other resources that outside interests covet, his country has had its share of corruption and civil strife.
RIOTERS, angry over cuts in subsidies, clashed with security forces in several cites for a second straight day yesterday, smashing stores and setting cars on fire in Yemen's worst civil strife in more than a decade, killing 16 people and wounding more than 30.
In this highly anticipated work Samir Khalaf analyses the history of civil strife and political violence in his native Lebanon, revealing the roots of his country's contradictory path to social change.
Karzai won an overwhelming victory in a historical election at the ''loya jirga'' grand council on Thursday to lead a nation that has been ravaged by war and civil strife for more than two decades.
Cambodian journalists got together Wednesday for the first time to learn about the workings of a stock exchange after having spent most of their careers writing about civil strife, politics and social problems.
When we greeted each other at the beginning of the meeting, Archbishop Njojo said to me that he was now in exile in Uganda because of the civil strife in his part of the country.
This pearl of the Indian Ocean, now better known perhaps as its tear-drop on account of years of bloody civil strife, possesses a relatively young civilization--by Asian standards.
Guerrilla groups have long resided around Apartado, but as civil strife escalated during the last year, the guerrillas started using nastier tactics--forcing citizens to pay a "tax" to avoid violence.
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