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a public official who is a member of the civil service

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However, some institutions and myopic elements were trying to drag bureaucracy into politics, and the ongoing organised vilification campaign against civil servants bore testimony to it, said the AJKGOA in a press release, which was issued after a meeting presided over by the body's president Sardar Javaid Ayub.
He stated that the rules disallow civil servants to form unions but PAS officers have made their association, and they had been using it to pressure state institutions.
Practical training should be given to civil servants, which will enable them to deliver in an effective way.
Because of the weather conditions, the rough highway due to the East West high way widening and lack of basic facilities, often civil servants are reluctant to work here and we do hear lots of complaints from them,' said Phobji's GAO.
Last month, a three-member bench of the Supreme Court had ordered the establishment division and the SC and high court registrars to draw up a list of Pakistani judges and senior civil servants who were also citizens of other countries.
He said that such pieces of training provide a chance of acquiring knowledge and professional skills to bring an opportunity attitudinal change among the civil servants.
Because governments around the world are full of civil servants doing groundbreaking work that no one ever hears about - not even other civil servants.
The civil servants in question, the letter said, work as football coaches at football clubs' youth teams, while holding permanent posts as state teachers, policemen, firemen, prison wardens, or state-owned entities like power company EAC or telecoms company CyTA.
Islamabad -- PPP's Senator Saleem Mandviwalla said that "PMLN government is trying to compromise the independency and regulatory status of State Bank of Pakistan by appointing a civil servant as the Governor SBP".
In the Provinces of Sindh and Balochistan, the appointment with respect to the affairs of the province is to be made by the Government or by any person authorized by the Government (Civil Servants Act, 1973 and Balochistan Civil Servants Act, 1974) and every civil servant holds office during the pleasure of the Government.
Shri Rajnath Singh said that India is emerging as a fastest growing economy and the standard of living of people has improved since independence and it is the responsibility of the civil servants to contribute to the better quality of life of the people.
Of course, it is not fair to make civil servants the scapegoats for the pension system's impending bankruptcy.
This problem has therefore been well known to the Welsh Ministers, and certainly the civil servants, for many years.
The bill calls for thousands of officials working for the Home Office, the Department for Business or Department for Transport to be moved to the West Midlands so that "London-based civil servants can find out what life is like in places like the Black Country, Birmingham and Coventry".
THE public sector might be shrinking in Wales, with jobs being cut across the board - but the numbers of civil servants earning PS50,000 or more is on the up.
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