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the body of laws established by a state or nation for its own regulation

the legal code of ancient Rome

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It appears that Enderby J in Ainsworth (16) came to the conclusion that civil proceedings were co-extensive with judicial review proceedings for at least three reasons.
The California Supreme Court says most civil proceedings should be open.
The Securities and Exchange Commission in a civil proceeding charged Stanford with fraud last month.
Wright said she attempted to treat Clinton as she would any other defendant in a civil proceeding.
Reflecting on the partisan but civil proceeding, the lawmakers also disagreed on how the debate will be viewed historically.
This double-barreled approach of prosecution and forfeiture is favored by federal prosecutors in part because forfeiture is usually a civil proceeding that requires a lower standard of proof than that of "beyond a reasonable doubt," which applies in criminal cases.
A Temporary Restraining Order is normally sought by governmental agencies in a civil proceeding to allow companies the opportunity to defend themselves.
Thad Morris, have been named in a civil proceeding by an individual, Daniel J.
We understand that one of them, David Michael, is the recipient of a "Wells Notice" from the SEC indicating that the SEC is considering whether or not to recommend the filing of a civil proceeding against Mr.
OTC/BB:AETI), announced today the clarification concerning the involvement of AETI with the civil proceeding filed in Ontario Canada on May 5, 1998.
As in the case of dismissal of criminal proceedings, where a patient unsuccessfully sues a doctor in a civil case for damages arising from medical malpractice or other unprofessional conduct (such as failure to obtain an informed consent or breach of confidentiality), the doctor may only sue the patient for defamation or abuse of civil proceedings in very limited circumstances.
The court in Hudders-field heard that civil proceedings are now in place to recover the funds.
Following the verdict one of the sex offender's victims started civil proceedings for compensation.
Furthermore, the conviction could subject her to administrative or civil proceedings related to her naturalization as a U.
Officials said in a statement: ''This relates to longstanding and ongoing civil proceedings in the United States, to which the Duke of York is not a party.