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the body of laws established by a state or nation for its own regulation

the legal code of ancient Rome

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Contrary to the intimation in Potier, the historical background does not support the proposition that all legal proceedings are necessarily either criminal or civil proceedings.
Frank D'Elia filed a complaint sounding in wrongful use of civil proceedings against Roseanne McLaughlin.
A related regulation, OAR 839-010-0140, states that you are protected under the "private whistle-blower" law only if you bring a civil proceeding or testify in court.
The state court did not rule that every type of civil proceeding had to be open and acknowledged that justifying secrecy might burden some trial judges.
7430 provides for such an award to a "prevailing party" in either an administrative or a civil proceeding, if the taxpayer establishes that the IRS.
UBS believes it has substantial defenses to the enforcement of the John Doe summons and intends to vigorously contest the enforcement of the summons in the civil proceeding, as is permitted under the terms of the Deferred Prosecution Agreement entered into on 18 February.
Stanford was charged with fraud last month by the Securities and Exchange Commission in a civil proceeding.
If it is lodged in time, the statement of defence suspends the order for payment procedure and the case becomes a regular civil proceeding.
If you plead guilty in the administrative proceeding, it can be used again in a civil proceeding," says O'Brien.
Currently, law-enforcement agencies are able to pursue parallel civil and criminal prosecutions and can often keep assets seized in a civil proceeding even if the criminal case results in an acquittal.
The civil proceeding is separate from the criminal case against the prominent Wall Street figure, who is accused of cheating EUR50bn from investors in what may be the largest pyramid scheme in history.
Wright said she attempted to treat Clinton as she would any other defendant in a civil proceeding.
Reflecting on the partisan but civil proceeding, the lawmakers also disagreed on how the debate will be viewed historically.
This double-barreled approach of prosecution and forfeiture is favored by federal prosecutors in part because forfeiture is usually a civil proceeding that requires a lower standard of proof than that of "beyond a reasonable doubt," which applies in criminal cases.