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one's freedom to exercise one's rights as guaranteed under the laws of the country

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fundamental individual right protected by law and expressed as immunity from unwarranted governmental interference

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This conservative wolf in liberal sheepskin-complete with her resurrection of Freudian pop psychology and her passion for stinging personal philippics against those with whom she disagrees as a way of distorting the debate (odd behavior for a civil libertarian) --would have fit in nicely at the 1992 Republican National Convention alongside Marilyn Quayle, Phyllis Schlafly, and Pat Buchanan.
Perhaps the oldest lesson in the civil liberties primer is this: If the rights of those whom civil libertarians have most cause to despise are slighted, then everyone's rights are placed in jeopardy.
Continue reading "Why Civil Libertarians Should Be Worried about the FISA Warrant on Carter Page" at...
But civil libertarians fear the rule change would grant the government expansive new powers.
Feinstein's comparison, however, was not what civil libertarians and constitutionalists wanted to hear.
Kill or Capture: The War on Terror and the Soul of Obama Presidency, by jouralist Daniel Klaidman, partly explains how the Obama administration has dashed civil libertarians" expectations.
Civil libertarians, some politicians and moralists warn that unmanned aircraft carrying cameras raise the prospect of surveillance of American life by local police departments, and it is known that drones monitor our borders to watch for undocumented persons entering illegally.
Speaking at the Policy Exchange think-tank, Clarke was saying it is "decision time for us civil libertarians".
A group of civil libertarians led by a University of Texas law student wants to teach people how to use 3-D printing technologies to make their own guns at home.
The first surveys the synergy between liberals and the broader left, showing alliances with radical socialists and civil libertarians, but also the eventual gap between traditions of social reform and whether it can be closed.
Civil libertarians fear the era of surveillance and circumspection could become permanent.
Civil libertarians have just as vociferously opposed military tribunals, which they say establish a two-tiered justice system that deprives terrorism suspects of due process.
Civil libertarians have denounced the idea and even health experts question the wisdom of such a drastic step.
Civil libertarians have criticized ACTA for its potential to infringe on personal freedoms.
CIVIL libertarians have anxiously awaited an accounting of George W.