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Synonyms for defendant

the accused


Synonyms for defendant

a person against whom an action is brought

Synonyms for defendant

a person or institution against whom an action is brought in a court of law

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Article 411 Kodi i Procedures Penale i Shqiperise (Criminal Procedure Code of Albany) on the appeal filed by the civil defendant and the civil accused it is decided that:
Civil Defendant uncovers opportunities for future research.
Gore and State Farm provided a civil defendant constitutional protection from awards simply too big to give fair notice of the State's ability to impose such a penalty.
A civil defendant can settle his case for a certain sum; a criminal defendant for a certain amount of time.
The civil defendant will likely face suits by classes of indirect purchasers in the 20 states that permit such actions.
Punitive damages, as the name suggests, are intended to punish the civil defendant for what it has done.