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Re-enactors, presentations, exhibits, and displays will bring the Civil War era to life.
CUTLINE: Luanne Crosby will perform songs from the Civil War era on May 20.
Burns had also included several photographs of slaves that dated from the Civil War era, suggesting they were slaves on Jefferson's plantation.
This history of Loudoun County, Virginia examines the social and political life of the region during the Civil War era and illuminates the ways in which a study of local events can provide a microcosm of the diversity of opinion and problems that faced the nation as a whole.
His topics include systems of slavery in the Civil War era, most unlikely westerners, Indians and Irish on the border, clustered Irish across the meridian, patterns of Irish migration and settlement in the west, and the Irish strain in labor's western American heartland.
The movie, set in the American Civil War era, was written and directed by Tarantino and the cast includes Samuel L Jackson, Bruce Dern and Jennifer Jason Leigh.
Food in the Civil War Era: The North examines food habits and how cookbooks evolved during the Civil War era, and will appeal to any with an interest in American culinary history.
After visiting each church, however, only one still possessed its Civil War era bell: Central Lutheran.
He was an avid historian and particularly enjoyed the Civil War Era.
He also was a history buff, particularly the Civil War era.
The essays, which are organized around historical themes and pedagogical resources, emphasize the themes of nationalism, leadership, emancipation and race, and legacy of freedom, as well as Lincoln's life and career and the events of the Civil War era.
Medford is a historian, one of the few Black female historians who is considered an authority on the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War era and African-Americans in the Reconstruction era.
8, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- This fall, the Frick Art & Historical Center presents Civil War Era Drawings from the Becker Collection at The Frick Art Museum.
This special issue examining the lives of American Jews in the Civil War era joins the broad national effort to learn more about our shared past by taking another look at that brutal and pivotal time.
Becoming American under Fire: Irish Americans, African Americans, and the Politics of Citizenship during the Civil War Era.
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