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His analysis of the political forces in the Civil War era Congress is skillful and illuminating.
With six very detailed chapters, the book opens with the Winchester family tree and "The Damn Yankee Rifle" chronicling Winchester's rise and the company's firearms as used through the Civil War era and follows with "The Spirit Gun" as Winchester expanded and their rifles became popular through the Western expansion.
For African-Americans, it inspires," says Medford of their learning more about the Civil War era.
Lancaster's Town Green will serve as camp, drill and demonstration grounds of the 15th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry as soldiers and weaponry are inspected, infantry members fire their musketry, dine on Civil War era food, and musicians entertain with banjo and fiddle.
More about Jewish life in the Civil War era can be found in a special issue of the American Jewish Archives Journal Vol.
His study offers fresh perspective on the Civil War era by addressing topics that, if distinctive, relate to each other as parts of a broader history of American citizenship and identity.
Few specialists would deny that "union" mattered--just as Gallagher frequently concedes the centrality of slavery (and its abolition) to the Civil War era.
A top pick for any collection strong in Civil War era history.
Examining the autobiography of Frederick Douglass, Johnson challenges students to think about the causes and consequences of slavery, freedom, and moral accountability in the Civil War era and in our own time.
After spending most of the decade re-creating the Civil War era and delving into the lives of Howard Hughes and Bob Dylan, New York's Little Italy's maestro of contemporary crime cinema, Martin Scorsese, is back on the mean streets.
According to Williams, who teaches history at Valdosta State University, American capitalists divided the downtrodden against each other throughout the Civil War era, thereby controlling the dispossessed, including poor whites, women, blacks, and Indians.
The $10,000 award is given for a significant contribution in new media to scholarship about Abraham Lincoln, the American Civil War soldier, or a subject relating to the Civil War era.
McPherson won a Pulitzer Prize for his book, Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era, and is credited with renewing national interest in historic Civil War sites, many of which are part of the National Park System.
South Civil War era where southern states seceded from the North and threatened to take bordering lands with them.
Guelzo is Professor of the Civil War Era at Gettysburg College and two-time winner of the Lincoln Prize for Abraham Lincoln: Redeemer President(1999) and Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation: The End of Slavery in America (2004).
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