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a sum of money voted by British Parliament each year for the expenses of the British royal family

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And if she wants to top up the Civil List cash she can always put Phil on the stage.
Palace accounts also showed that the Queen dipped into a reserve fund to boost her Civil List by Au6.
FUNDING for the Queen's household by the taxpayer through the Civil List will remain frozen at pounds 7.
London, June 30 (ANI): An annual account of the Royal Household's expenditure has revealed that Queen will run out of funds by 2012, her Diamond Jubilee year, unless the government increases the Civil List.
9m pay from the Government - the Civil List - is not taxed.
Obviously, John McStay hasn't been informed that the Queen gives all the income from the Crown Estates in exchange for the Civil List.
She got pounds 643,000 from the Civil List but ran up huge overdrafts with her pounds 2m-a-year champagne lifestyle, despite being worth an estimated pounds 50m.
A spectacular display by 20-1 Civil List (Earl Jones/Ian Watkinson), who wins the second leg of the novice hurdle at Cheltenham by 25 lengths from King's Hazard (David Barons/Paul Leach).
THE Royals are ready to ditch their Civil List handouts.
The Sovereign Grant came into effect this week and replaces the civil list.
Civil List funding, much of it used to pay the wages of her Royal Household staff, fell by pounds 100,000 from pounds 13.
The princess is not on the civil list and does not receive any payment.
The Sovereign Grant Bill, which received an unopposed third reading, will replace the current Civil List and other grants with a new mechanism, based on a percentage of the profits of the Queen's pounds 6.
He said the Queen was fully behind the decision to keep the Civil List at its current level, and the Government would be looking at ways to change the way the Royal Family was funded.