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Synonyms for civility

Synonyms for civility

a courteous act or courteous acts that contribute to smoothness and ease in dealings and social relationships

Synonyms for civility

formal or perfunctory politeness


the act of showing regard for others

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He concludes this chapter with an endorsement of the "transformation theory" of infused virtue whereby the Christian is said "to order acts of civic virtue to a higher end, and according to a different mean while still referring them to the object of the community's common good.
Employees with civic virtue are characterized by a sense of involvement in formulating the policies and organizational procedures adopted, to be contributors in the decisions being made in the organization, provide active suggestions to help others improve their work performance, and to be able to cope with the changes in the organization (Hiroaki, 2015).
Another concern about Ignatieff's account of the relationship between the human rights thought experiment and his advocacy program centered on civic virtue, is that it amounts to a noble lie.
Chapter 3, "A Passion for Justice" (109-126), is aimed at creating a picture of the Thomistic notion of civic virtue by exploring the intrinsic connection between justice as a virtue of the will and emotions.
Thus the hypothesis, H2: Civic virtue is positively linked to emotional intelligence.
This is the common good toward which civic virtue rooted in engagement and dialogue aims.
Among the five OCB types, civic virtue is most focused on communal life.
The results of hierarchical regression analyses of one hundred and ninety seven pharmaceutical sales persons' responses revealed that optimism subculture had significant positive effect on OCB-O and its dimensions such as civic virtue and conscientiousness with exception of sportsmanship controlling the effects of gender education age and selling experience of sales force.
Singh (2010) consider OCB as bi-dimensional which comprised of OCBI (OCB directed towards individuals- altruism and courtesy) and OCBO (OCB directed towards organisations- sportsmanship, civic virtue and conscientiousness).
Washington's affirmations embody a classical form of civic virtue wherein religious values and political freedom go together -- certainly an odd conception in today's world.
While Gavin sees Flem as creating evil where there was before only virtue, Flem actually becomes a mirror, the most honest reflection of all that Jefferson really believes about civic virtue and justice.
The order recognizes "the civic virtue of officers in the service of the Nation, as well as extraordinary service by Spanish and foreign citizens for the benefit of Spain.
At the creation of our American republic, citizens strongly valued civic virtue, a tradition that has deep roots in ancient Rome.
Brennan picks apart these theories, relying mostly on the concept of "extrapolitical civic virtue," by which the common good can be advanced outside of politics, and sometimes better so, through the division of labor and comparative advantage (Chapter Two).