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Synonyms for civility

Synonyms for civility

a courteous act or courteous acts that contribute to smoothness and ease in dealings and social relationships

Synonyms for civility

formal or perfunctory politeness


the act of showing regard for others

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Organizational citizenship behavior questionnaire included friendship dimension (questions 1,2,3,4), politeness dimension (5,6,7,8), magnanimity (questions 10, 12, 14, 18), loyalty (questions 9,13,15,16) and civic virtue (11,17,19,20).
As far as his rights permit him, the citizen must teach and foster the civic virtue to respect and advance the freedom of the individuals in a sense of communal identity.
The order recognizes "the civic virtue of officers in the service of the Nation, as well as extraordinary service by Spanish and foreign citizens for the benefit of Spain.
Just as MacIntyre's analysis of moral inquiry led to the renewal of virtue theory, so Mittleman presents us with a compelling account of the civic virtue of hope first bequeathed to the nations by Jewish biblical culture, and in dire need of renewal in our culture of civic apathy.
Brennan picks apart these theories, relying mostly on the concept of "extrapolitical civic virtue," by which the common good can be advanced outside of politics, and sometimes better so, through the division of labor and comparative advantage (Chapter Two).
Jason Brennan's The Ethics of Voting is presented as a general discussion over the ethical dimensions of voting, from whether one has a duty to vote or merely a duty to abstain from wrongful or harmful voting to the nature of civic virtue and the permissibility of vote selling.
45) For example, his work has informed our own analysis of the tensions within our constitutional order concerning the relationship between government and civil society--whether the latter, as seedbeds of civic virtue, is congruent with and undergirds the political order, or instead functions as sources of norms and values distinct from those and as a buffer against governmental power.
In Lviv, the Minister delivered remarks for the international symposium Ethics in a Global World: Reflections on Civic Virtue at the Ukrainian Catholic University.
His Christianity had more to do with gentlemanly conduct and civic virtue than a profound sense of religious conviction.
Civic virtue (a particular manifestation of intrinsic motivation) is bolstered if the public laws convey the notion that citizens are to be trusted.
Proceeding further, the literature revealed that the conceptual span of OCB is extensive and seven types of workplace behaviours have been identified that can be characterized as OCB, namely, helping behavior, sportsmanship, organizational loyalty, organizational compliance, individual initiative, civic virtue and self development (Podsakoff et al.
Yet, Brennan notes that "most ways to exercise civic virtue in contemporary liberal democracies do not involve politics, or even activities on the periphery of politics, such as community-based volunteering or military service.
In Withington's account, Shakespeare genders a Ciceronian discourse of civic virtue so that, while Falstaff fails to meet the standard of honestas, Mistress Ford and Mistress Page exemplify it.
Specifically, the paper examines the effect of each component of organisational justice on LMX, and the five dimensions of OCB; namely, courtesy, sportsmanship, altruism, civic virtue, and conscientiousness.