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Most depots were caught entirely off guard as, due to the Civic holiday, the sealed packages had not yet been received.
Are you in favour of retail business establishments having the choice to open to the public on the Civic Holiday, the first Monday in August?
The prevailing concern of the Santo's administrators thus seems to have been to have a glittering and impressive tableau in place on the most important annual civic holiday even if the individual components were not yet completely finished.
1 with much fanfare and curious customers during the August Civic Holiday weekend.
During the 2001 Civic Holiday long weekend, five residents of the Garden River First Nations were killed in a two-vehicle collision on the two-lane stretch near the village.
Federal investigators said no one had claimed responsibility for the bombings on one of the city's biggest civic holidays, Patriots Day.
htm) Martin Richard has been named as the youngest victim of the attack that took place on one of the Boston's most famous civic holidays, Patriots Day.
Students across the Country Engage in Constitutional Issues with Constitution Hall Pass Millions of students around the country will celebrate civic holidays and learn about the creation of the Constitution and its contemporary relevance with the Center's free webcast series Constitution Hall Pass .
America's calendar of civic holidays proved ideal for this purpose.
United Kingdom, and Canadian civic holidays are listed, along with many Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and pagan days of observation.
MARTIN Luther King Day is one of those civic holidays that's too easily and too often taken for granted as a day off for public employees, bankers and students.
Civic holidays considered, German workers can take over four weeks' vacation per year.
James Caudle's essay, "Preaching in Parliament: Patronage, Publicity and Politics in Britain, 1701-60," argues that the most influential political sermons during this period emanated not from the Court or the provinces, but from the Parliament as part of its obs ervance of civic holidays.
13, Maestro Slatkin will lead a free family concert titled Civic Holidays with Leonard Slatkin with the DSO Civic Youth Orchestra (CYO) and the five winners of the DSO Student Piano Competition.
OF all of America's civic holidays, arguably none is more overlooked than Veterans Day.