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a state consisting of a sovereign city

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The Ambassador also presented a book on handicrafts of Pakistan to the President of the CityState Parliament.
The initiative comes on the heels of a successful citystate crackdown on truck and boiler pollution conducted in October 2008 in East Harlem, a neighborhood clouded by poor air quality caused by heavy truck traffic.
The greatest thinkers, playwrights, and artists flock to our citystate.
However, while there are partnerships formed to deal with the brownfields issue, there are few citystate partnerships to deal with the issue of sprawl.
It also conjures a bit of the magic that kept men like Kerr returning to resurrect the dream of a Muslim/Christian citystate by the sea.
Liberty Mutual Group today announced that its subsidiary, Liberty International, has purchased a controlling interest in Citystate Insurance, a leading provider of personal and commercial property-casualty insurance in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines.
Before the commissioner position, he served as the CEO of CityState Bank.
The SEA Games runs from June 5 to 16 in the citystate of Singapore while the first two WCQ qualifying match days for Asian countries are scheduled on June 11 and 16.
The citystate instead decided to book about 10,000 athletes and officials in hotels near the competition sites, thus posing a challenge to the delegations' monitoring of athletes.
The young Singaporebased Brown, whose Filipino mother Tessa Dimaano, settled in the citystate in 2011 with her British banker husband, sealed the crown even before the fifth and final round of the karting season.
The Filipinos clinched their berth after dumping host Singapore, 52, in the semifinal round of the 2014 Asian Men's Softball Championship at Kallang Softball Diamond in the citystate.
He noted how the Philippines was far from Singapore's business radar just two years ago, when he first came to the citystate.
He noted that One East Asia is based in Singapore primarily because the citystate "provides all Southeast Asian (SEA) countries with various doors to the international markets.