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a viewpoint toward a city or other heavily populated area

painting depicting a city or urban area

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Now in its seventh year and the largest business-to-business real estate investment and development event in the world, Cityscape Dubai will feature a series of important conferences where the industry's leading experts will focus on world and regional developments.
Cityscape Dubai is expected to break new records this year with more than 60,000 participants from over 150 countries attending the exhibition and conferences, which will be taking place from 6-9 October 2008 at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre.
The Liverpool Cityscape is joined by panoramas of Zurich, Jerusalem and Hong Kong and paintings representing Chicago and Paris.
Yesterday he presented a print of the Liverpool Cityscape to the Queen on her visit to the city, but was more interested in wondering what happened to some of the members of the public who used to visit him as he worked.
Both Rocca's and Passon's original oil paintings are good examples of cityscapes with lots of visitors coming through," Roggenhofer says.
Spies' cityscapes have attracted the attention of local art buyers and professional interior designers in the L.
So, get in the car and take a trip to your favorite city with Baumgartner's Cityscapes.
Pierce Packaging, a major distributor of packaging products in the United States, is occupying a free-standing building in Cityscapes Southwide Industrial Park in Jackson, Tenn.
Cityscapes is an active investor in industrial parks located in the U.
is especially interested in cityscapes by French artists, or
cityscapes under $500, one click of the mouse will regroup the
He explained that Cityscapes presently is focusing on multipurpose industrial properties with single or several tenants, and even will consider vacant properties if they are realistically priced.
CityScapes sites contain a variety of community content -- local weather and news, community events, town council meeting times, entertainment listings, transit schedules and much more.
Presently, he said, Cityscapes portfolio encompasses investments of over a million square feet.
By considering free human will that affords the opportunity for choice and the socio-cultural nature of human consciousness that reveals the communal character of human needs, it is meaningful to construct the cityscape (as much as possible) in the way it would reflect the fundamental cultural processes and thus answer the population's cultural-psychological demands adequately.