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an administrative division of a county

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There is a post office in Steyr, called "Postamt Christkindl" and also on the Christmas market near Cityhall there is a small "Christkindl"-post office.
To cite some of the more famous episodes, in April 1789, crowds "executed" the effigies of Parisian notables at the Place during the "Revellion riots," and during the tumultuous summer of that year Louis XVI paid a symbolic visit to the cityhall just days after the fall of the Bastille.
Although Rambuteau's ambition to create safe space around the cityhall had failed, his plan points to the fact that by the 1830s the Place de Greve and the Hotel de Ville had come to stand politically for what the area would also represent economically and demographically: a microcosm of the developments and disruptions that had transformed and unsettled Paris since the eighteenth century, and which seemed to erupt periodically in rebellion.
Notes: mandatory pre bid conference was on 10/04/17, 2:30 pm at cityhall, conference room b 14343 civic drive victorville, ca 92392.
Hollywood stars Ewan McGregor, Brian Cox and Ashley Jensen are all in the running for an award at Glasgow's CityHalls along with the cast of Still Game, Lorraine Kelly and chef Gordon Ramsay.