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the largest city in Switzerland

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Ueli Prager opened the first Moaevenpick restaurant in the Swiss city of Zurich in 1948 and now Moaevenpick Hotels & Resorts currently boasts more than 90 hotels in operation or under construction in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.
Euler's theme is the network of ties, both intellectual and personal, linking the kingdom of England to the Swiss Reformed city of Zurich in the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, and Mary I.
Organized by the AIA New York Chapter's Committee on Architecture for Education, ETH Zurich/Center for Cultural Studies and the City of Zurich, the exhibition was underwritten by Credit Suisse, the City of Zurich and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Department of Architecture.
IT'S clean, it's green, and most surprisingly of all, it's affordable - so why not blow away your winter cobwebs before or after Christmas with a relaxing break beside the lake in the Swiss city of Zurich.
Also, trouble erupted before England's qualifier with Liechtenstein earlier this year when three fans were shot in the Swiss city of Zurich.
The authors thank Claudia Stieger, Isabelle Tanner, Rita Bosshart, Gioia Schwarzenbach, Sasa Stefanic, and all other collaborators for help in the extensive field and laboratory work; Christian Stauffer and the game wardens of the city of Zurich for their generous collaboration; and Fabio Bontadina and Paul Torgerson for valuable comments on an earlier draft of the manuscript.
Fireworks light up the sky over the old city of Zurich
Voters in the city of Zurich, Switzerland have decided against a plan to extend as much as CHF50m in credit to the country's new national airline Swiss.
In fact, there probably will be more, for the architects hope to make similar structures to signal other gates to the city of Zurich.
The offer was posted by an anonymous seller who the kidney could be received n the Swiss city of Zurich.
His literary standing was confirmed in 1985 by the invitation to deliver the Frankfurt Lectures on Poetics and again in 1992 by the award of the Literature Prize of the City of Zurich.
The city of Zurich will use TomTom's historical traffic database of more than 4 trillion anonymous data points together with PTV's innovative software for transportation and traffic simulation.
In the southwest of the city of Zurich can be said brisk construction activity, which has its origins inter alia in a fundamental repositioning of this important since industrialization workstation area for several years.
Both Tehran and the G5+1 have their own concerns and there are serious differences between them, but meantime, both sides are trying hard to narrow down the remaining differences to access to a common understanding," said Araqchi, who led the Iranian negotiating team in the meeting with the US delegation headed by US Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman in the Swiss city of Zurich on Friday and Saturday.
The city of Zurich transforms into a Christmas globe containing festive markets, shopping, shows, events and illumination.