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the capital and largest city of Manitoba

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a lake in southern Canada in Manitoba

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In order to build the intake of the aqueduct, the city of Winnipeg made use of the sweeping powers of the federal government's Indian Act, and more particularly a part of it called section 46, which empowered them to take reserve lands in the interest of "public works" without any consultation or process.
The community had been located on a peninsula until 1913 when it was cut off from the mainland by a diversion canal built to channel drinking water from Shoal Lake to the City of Winnipeg via an aqueduct.
The second involved an official from each of four City of Winnipeg departments having a mandate directly affecting an aspect of community gardening.
The City of Winnipeg is committing to improving Winnipeg's record on recycling by building four Community Resource Recovery Centers in 2013 and 2014.
Winnipeg: City of Winnipeg, Bed Bug Taskforce, 2011.
The City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, provides a case study of a city that has approached growth in a way that provides leaders with the best information for making growth-related policy decisions.
McCluskey told participants how the high school dropouts he worked with in the city of Winnipeg had become withdrawn and unproductive, with some in trouble with the law.
Caputo has been employed by the City of Winnipeg for the last 24 years in the Planning Property and Development Department.
Melbourne, Nov 16 (ANI): One of Justin Bieber's acoustic guitars went up for auction on Wednesday to benefit a food bank in the Canadian city of Winnipeg.
The City of Winnipeg Assessment and Taxation Department (ATD) is responsible for the delivery of assessment and taxation rolls in compliance with the Municipal Assessment Act (MAA) and the City of Winnipeg Charter.
I had my first taste of bison at a Canadian restaurant in the wind- swept city of Winnipeg on a Halloween night.
That's when company founder Jeffry Hall Brock, despite the misgivings of many in his home city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, managed to raise $400,000 in stock and incorporate the Great-West Life Assurance Co.
Filmmaker Paula Kelly received a unique opportunity to spend six months in the City of Winnipeg Archives thanks to the city's Artist-in-Residence program, and she used the occasion to bring rarely seen images to the silver screen.
Prairie Metropolis: New Essays on Winnipeg Social History" is a collection of essays discussing the growth and history of the city of Winnipeg which made the earlier part of the twentieth century one of the most booming in all of north America.
Plans have already commenced for the 2010 Best of CAMA event which returns to the 2006 host city of Winnipeg.