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Entertainment Properties Trust, and the City of Westminster," said Bill Christopher, city manager of Westminster.
The work to be done under this Contract consists of clearing, grubbing, removing and disposing of vegetation and debris within the City of Westminster right-of-way open drainage areas shown in the list of locations or required by the work.
He appeared at City of Westminster court on Monday and was remanded in custody.
A Scotland Yard spokeswoman said warrants to detain all three men for a further week had been granted at City of Westminster Magistrates Court yesterday.
As part of a multi-year agreement, British Telecom (BT) has chosen Intelecable to replace the current in-house system at Westminster Cable, its wholly owned subsidiary, which currently supplies cable television service to the city of Westminster.
The City of Westminster is seeking information and quotes for consulting services related to research and roll out of a municipally sponsored curb side solid waste and recycling program for citizens of our city.
An environmental health officer found the health hazard in the second floor kitchen of the Red Lion, which is just yards from Downing Street, in January last year, City of Westminster Magistrates' Court heard.
Khaliq will appear at City of Westminster magistrates' court in London.
Yesterday City of Westminster Magistrates Court was told there had been further information from the Italians.
The three refused to answer questions when they appeared under heavy security at City of Westminster court.
The defendants, who are in police custody, were transferred from Coventry to City of Westminster Magistrates' Court.
Employ established Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) principles and practices to dramatically reduce the numbers of mosquitoes in the City of Westminster.
The Red Lion Bar, near Downing Street, was riddled with mouse pellets, City of Westminster magistrates' court heard.
The purpose of the bid for the City of Westminster is to establish a contract for work asphalt rehab work to be performed within 2016 and through early 2017, after the Notice To Proceed is issued, both for the known projects identified in this RFB and for additional work, as-needed and as authorized by change order, at the agreed upon time and material rates.