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the provincial capital and largest city in Ontario (and the largest city in Canada)

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Being a leading organization, the City of Toronto makes diversity and inclusion an important part of creating positive workplaces," said Mayor John Tory.
The Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement, COIA, promised to create new relationships among federal, provincial and municipal governments through memoranda of understanding concerning the provision of settlement services that were signed by the City of Toronto, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and the two senior levels of government (1).
According to the 2010 City of Toronto Cycling Study, (5) the percentage of Torontonians reporting a concern about road safety stands at 18%, a threefold increase from that in 1999.
The systems are part of a programme to install over 8,800 solar modules on city-owned buildings in Toronto that was launched in September and is jointly owned and managed by the City of Toronto and Toronto Hydro.
Mayor Ford has been a focus of continued pettiness by those who cannot accept that each person living in the City of Toronto has a vote, and not just a privileged few.
Ce travail est une etude de cas examinant comment, de 1960 a 1975, le Board of Education for the City of Toronto a connu un changement de paradigme dans l'approche adoptee vis-a-vis des etudiants immigrants, en passant d'un modele visant l'integration a un modele d'emancipation de l'education multiculturelle.
1- Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will return to Turkey after attending the G-20 Summit in Canadian city of Toronto.
Tables 1 and 2 show the capital and operating budgets for the old and the new City of Toronto.
The Program Declaration form can be downloaded from the City of Toronto website www.
The three largest governments that happen to do business in this province, (the federal, the provincial and the City of Toronto governments) have all got some explaining to do.
Hurn was most recently an archivist with the City of Toronto and has chaired the diocese of Toronto's archives committee.
The sewage sludge pellets are allegedly being sold to farmers as a fertilizer called "Soil Seed" by a company called US Filter Canada, which is being paid by the City of Toronto to dispose of the pellets.
York remained a small garrison and administrative center of 1,250 people until 1834, when it was incorporated as the city of Toronto.
the National Film Board of Canada, Cinematheque Ontario, the Reel Club at the Canadian Film Centre, the City of Toronto Film and Television Office and Pages Bookstore -- and we would also like to welcome on board our more recent sponsors: Kodak Canada, the Directors Guild of Canada, Hot Docs and the Images Festival of Independent Film and Video.
The City of Toronto had dumped its sewage and drawn most of its water from Lake Ontario since before the first sewer system was built in 1835.