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capital of modern Macedonia


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Macedonia is territorially organized in 80 municipalities and the City of Skopje as a separate unit of local government, arising from the character of the City of Skopje as the capital of the Republic of Macedonia.
According to the Ombudsman's Office, Albanians in the City of Skopje are less than 6 percent, while those at managing positions account for only 3 percent, which makes Skopje one of the most discriminating local structures.
The 1979 Nobel Prize winner, considered to be one of the greatest apostles of peace and humanity was born in the city of Skopje in 1910.
The Skopje city municipal government certifies based on an agent's inspection and in reference to the population register that Kiril Blagoev Grigorov is a resident of the city of Skopje entered into volume VII, page 18113, and is a Bulgarian citizen.
I will use a spatially-oriented approach to examine the tense ethnic relations in Macedonia in the capital city of Skopje.
Answer: The project has been initiated by Cair Municipality, but all the institutions will have to be involved, because most of the area is in Cair Municipality, but some of it is in Center Municipality, there are premises of the City Urban Construction Enterprise, there is the Main Street under the authority of the City of Skopje, and therefore a joint strategy will be needed for making this idea come true.
5- Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu will hold formal talks in Macedonian capital city of Skopje.
For his efforts he was rewarded with Silver Medallion from the City of Skopje.
Sakiri, the West Bromwich Albion midfield player, will have a chance to repeat his feat when Macedonia play the return game against England, this time in his home city of Skopje, on September 6.
Tender are invited for Update Of The Geodetic Bases Within The Pmu And Updating Geodetic Bases Outside The Borders Of The General Urban Plan Of The City Of Skopje
Only one of the six investments will be located in the capitol city of Skopje, in the Technological Industrial Development Zone 1.
Aside from firms, this responsibility has also been imposed on state authorities, public institutions and services, public enterprises, local government units, the City of Skopje, legal and natural persons holding public offices, private legal persons and natural persons performing business activities independently.
Representatives of the most relevant institutions in Macedonia including the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Delegation of EU, representatives of City of Skopje, representatives from EBA and MASIT, IT associations, representatives of the chambers of commerce, as well as of the SME sector, owners of companies and the universities.
The City of Skopje adopted the decision with which five new monuments and one fountain will be mounted in the center of the capital.
The latest attempts for massive mobilization of citizens in Macedonia made by several civil associations, which are portrayed to be organized without any partisan and Neolithic basis--for the real environmental problems of the City of Skopje, namely the Municipality of Centar, are unsuccessful because of two reasons (which makes them different than the ones of "Taksim"), Toni Naunovski comments for Dnevnik.