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A fascinating visit to the ancient city of Rome provides a wonderful contrast to this holiday.
of Patras, Greece) is concerned with the overall concept of god, deus, within the city of Rome from the early Republic to the era of Constantine, that is, about 500 BC to 350 AD.
Briefly, he is wrong when he says there was no continuous dating system in Roman times: there were at least two, one dating from the supposed foundation year of the city of Rome and the other dating from the First Olympiad.
Your tour will then take you to the eternal city of Rome, where you will spend three nights before taking your return flight.
Ambassador to Italy "Tom" Foglietta (Philly-born and raised) hosts the Honorable Francesco Rutelli, Mayor of the City of Rome, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) for a grand tour of The Splendor of 18th-Century Rome
The topics covered include: the importance of the city of Rome, Gibbon, Napoleon, Macaulay's 'Lays of Ancient Rome', Henry James, the grand tour which was centred on Rome, Rome in Victorian novels, Rome in Italian Fascist propaganda, Rome's importance for the Nazis and, last but not least, Rome and T.
Whether to the Holy Land, Lourdes, Fatima, or the Eternal City of Rome, Christians have journeyed to these sacred places to claim them as their own, no longer belonging solely to the secular order but to all people whose faith has made them a part of the events that occurred in them.
ATLANTA -- The City of Rome, Georgia, today announced that it has successfully deployed a wireless broadband network to supplement its wired municipal network and provide significant throughput capabilities to remote offices.
In addition to describing the physical buildings of the classical city of Rome, Aldrete (history and humanistic studies, U.
Yesterday: Douwent, Bremen; Norqueen, Europoort; Norstream, Zeebrugge; Fast Julia, Flushing; Aasnes, Purfleet; Trinity, Immingham; Wisdom, Duisburg; Cedar, Blyth; Christine Y, Amsterdam; Northumbrian Water, Sunderland; Coral Palmata, Rafnes; Crystal Topaz, Antwerp; Aachen, Bremen; Chem Aries, Rotterdam; Douwent, Tees; City of Rome, Tyne; Balmung, Hartlepool.
The second excursion is to the eternal city of Rome.
Edward, Earl of Wessex, and Sophie celebrated their first year of marriage with a short break in the romantic city of Rome.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a complaint to the City of Rome, N.
The Mills Corporation (NYSE:MLS) announced today that it has been selected by the City of Rome to develop the site of the former Mercati Generali in Rome, Italy into an urban retail, entertainment and cultural center.
Leon Battista Alberti's Delineation of the city of Rome (Descriptio urbis Romae).