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Jack Resnick & Sons reported that longtime anchor tenant, the City of New York, is growing its footprint at 255 Greenwich Street in Lower Manhattan.
The City Of New York Is Committed To Providing On-call Emergency Construction And Construction-related Services In Response To Natural And/or Man-made Disasters That Impact Any New York City Borough.
The EPA is providing a total of $300,000 in grants and low-interest loans to the City of New York to clean up abandoned and contaminated properties.
Anton Purisma, 62, says he will take on the City of New York and others in the courts - and wants two undecillion dollars in damages for his trouble.
The veteran Inman Line steamship City of New York was pulled from her moorings as the pride of the White Star fleet majestically sailed by.
And in the city of New York, although we're obviously concentrated somewhat in some neighborhoods more than others, the truth is, we really are everywhere--and all of the county Democratic organizations now have active LGBT members.
In "New York" the architectural landscapes and skylines of the city of New York are showcased in the cover-to-cover photography of Christopher Bliss.
and the city of New York announced an arrangement in September of 2004 striking a long-term deal between the two entities whereby much of the city's collected material would be processed at a recycling plant to be built by Hugo Neu Corp.
In a recent decision, the New York State Tax Appeals Tribunal ruled that payments made by a New York City employee pursuant to section 1127 of the Charter of the City of New York in any year may not offset that employee's New York City personal income tax for the same year.
DaimlerChrysler recently announced the donation of 352 neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) manufactured by Global Electric MotorCars (GEM) to the city of New York.
At the third anniversary of the Ladies Literary Society of the City of New York City, women participated in readings, musical performances, and poetic addresses.
Pressman led the New York press corps' successful battle with the city of New York to lift restrictions on journalists' access to information.
The Museum of the City of New York is currently exhibiting a treasure trove of costumes from Broadway plays and musicals.
That was the day when Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island joined to become the City of New York.
In 2006, Fulbright's public finance practice was ranked 2nd nationally as disclosure counsel, for clients including The City of New York, and among the top 10 as both bond counsel and underwriters' counsel.