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the largest city in Pakistan

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Speaking on the occasion, he said that the JI served the city of lights in an exemplary manner.
Wissam Moukahal, Executive Chairman at Macquarie Capital Middle East, said, "We are delighted to support Tamouh in what represents a key milestone in the development of City of Lights.
This is why when it comes to CSCEC ME's operations at the City of Lights, there have been no breaks.
City of Lights itself is a 144-acre mixed-use development on Reem Island with interlinked plazas.
Meanwhile, City of Lights, which is fast taking shape along the water's edge over 144 acres, is set for gradual completion from 2014 to 2016.
Karachi will once again become the city of lights and again whole Karachi will be echoed from blasts, blasts of laughter and happiness; and for this to happen we must all take stand, citizens and rulers both.
The piling and infrastructure-related work for City of Lights in Abu Dhabi is almost 90 per cent complete.
The on-schedule completion of the work on Plot No 13 of City of Lights, a spectacular waterfront project, reiterates NEC's commitment to delivery and executing international best practices in our work.
As if you needed another reason to embrace the City of Lights, upscale retailer Louis Vuitton has opened its doors on Paris's elegant Champs-Elysees.
HOLLYWOOD The City of Lights, City of Angels French film fest partied even more than usual during its eighth Hollywood edition with a Standard hotel poolside soiree adding to the traditional Director's Guild opening reception.
The City of Lights has long been considered a legendary refuge for African Americans in search of artistic freedom such as Josephine Baker and James Baldwin.
in Paris, the City of Lights, and on Platform 5, at the historic Gare de l'Est, the world's most famous train has arrived from Zurich, Switzerland.
But much of the downtown is in shabby condition, and it will take a major facelift before Bucharest can compare itself to the City of Lights.
Cross your fingers and hope the Eiffel Tower still stands after Stu Pickles, Tommy, Chuckle, Angelica, Lil, Phil, Baby Dil and Didi bead to the City of Lights.
When I walked down the Champs-Elysees and I saw all the little shops and the French flags on all the light posts, it hit me that I was really here in the place I have always wanted to come to, "The City of Lights.
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