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The city of light It was established in 1964 when the minister of health at the time Ali Mohammed Saeed gathered leprosy patients in Taiz to one place around two kilometers outside the city and provided them with treatment through what is known today as the National Leprosy Elimination Program.
Under construction on the coast of Alicante, the City of Light will comprise 800,000 square meters when it is complete.
The city of darkness and the city of light, therefore, are like two cities, one of which is lost and the other is found.
With its expansive gas industry, London rather than Paris was the true city of light in this period.
Think Paris in the springtime, Gene Kelly, American tourists wearing shades and screaming colors, the Mona Lisa, and sidewalk cafes, and you'll get the general idea of Pelzig's forty-five-minute take on the City of Light, whose title is merely an icon resembling the Eiffel Tower.
com/listings/20141230tnt09/) According to the Futon Critic, in "The Librarians" Season 1, episode 9 "And The City Of Light," there will be an investigation to find a missing person.
CATERING students at Halesowen College are set for a taste of the City of Light when they spend four days in Pairis.
LIVERPOOL will become the UK's city of light tonight as the switch is thrown to illuminate 30 landmark buildings.
LIVERPOOL has put in its bid to be a City of Light with illuminated buildings and a spectacular firework display.
One of the great laboratories of modern sociability, the City of Light also awakens, at least in certain foreigners' hearts, the intermittent desire to merge, unaccompanied, with the weight of its past.
New Negro Artists in Paris: African American Painters and Sculptors in the City of Light, 1922-1934 by Teresa Leininger-Miller Rutgers University Press, March 2001, $32.
Built upon a small peninsula on the south side of the Bay of Cadiz, and drenched in Atlantic luminance, it is called the city of light.
Total investment for the studio, dubbed the City of Light (La Ciudad de la Luz), runs at around 14 billion-17 billion pesetas ($84.
But it was more than the charm of corner cafes, baroque architecture and French cuisine that lured Kountz Laupa to the City of Light.
From its dramatic 50-story replica of the Eiffel Tower to authentic architectural reproductions, elegant decor and superb convention facilities, to its fine cuisine, European-inspired boutiques and world-class entertainment - Paris Las Vegas celebrates the romance, excitement and savoir-faire of the European City of Light.
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