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a largely agricultural county in central England

an industrial city in Leicestershire in central England

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Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdul Aziz said that the feelings of the Saudi students in the United Kingdom and their loyalty to their leadership and their homeland is not surprising, expressing his thanks and appreciation to the students in the city of Leicester for the feelings of love and loyalty.
At the time of the suspension, he had only just taken over as head of the City of Leicester College, one of the city's largest secondary schools.
The 51-year-old former England captain was given the honour in his home city of Leicester yesterday.
Sophie Smith will be looking to continue a highly-successful season which has seen the City of Leicester swimmer claim double gold at the European Junior Championships earlier this year in Finland.
Mr Taylor, who is currently suspended from City of Leicester College, said: "I am very pleased with the outcome.
Some schools have already started term and a handful in Leicestershire, the city of Leicester and in Wandsworth, south London last week had to give more than 1,000 pupils some extra summer holidays.
Dr Monk added: 'There are seven independent slaughterers, plus three big slaughterers in the city of Leicester, which is only five miles away.
I do remember vividly a journey I undertook to Peterborough some years ago which involved traversing the city of Leicester, surely the worst signed, least navigable of all our cities.
Really, in the city of Leicester, we're proud of our favoured status as the UK's best ethnic mix city.
A ONE day conference on the works of playwright Joe Orton was held in his home city of Leicester yesterday.
Delivery of a service supporting collaboration and guaranteeing a collective voice for the Voluntary and Community Sector in the city of Leicester.
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