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the capital of the province of Alberta

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This industry breakthrough is a collaboration between Enerkem, the City of Edmonton and Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions.
The City of Edmonton and the U of A contributed approximately equal amounts of funding and staff for the Citizen Panel pilot project, and later for the Centre for Public Involvement.
Don has been involved in a number of important initiatives with the City of Edmonton.
TORONTO, Canada -- Beginning today, the City of Edmonton, Alberta's Election & Census Office is inviting the public to test Scytl's internet voting system through the casting of online ballots in the 2012 Jellybean Internet Voting Election.
The City of Edmonton plans to take an 80-unit housing complex in the northeast neighbourhood of Londonderry, which is no longer fit for human habitation, and replace it with a high-density mixed-income building.
On November 25, The City of Edmonton confirmed the selection of the TransEd Partners consortium as preferred bidder for the PPP contract to design, build, operate, maintain and finance the city's Valley Line LRT project.
The City of Edmonton was also involved to a large extent.
About the City of Edmonton Edmonton's innovative waste management system is based on principles of sustainability and integration of all components.
Canadian authorities launched a manhunt Friday for Travis Brandon Baumgartner, following the killings at the University of Alberta in the city of Edmonton that left a fourth person wounded.
City of Edmonton Hosts Public Unveiling Design Concepts, Videos
Other rich sites are Dinosaur Provincial Park, and even the city of Edmonton itself
Later this summer (2006) the church will be moving into new facilities in the northwest part of the city of Edmonton.
For example, decisions of the municipality of the City of Edmonton are made by its City Council, which is comprised of 12 councilors and the mayor, each of whom has one vote.
In addition to the federal and provincial grants, other project partners included the Allen Family Fund (through the Edmonton Community Foundation), the Community Initiative Program, and the Low Income Housing Capital Assistance Program (LIHCAP) through the City of Edmonton.
The diocesan executive officer, Michael Wimmer, said that two churches in the city of Edmonton were actively involved with indigenous people.