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capital and largest city of Argentina

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They included former Cabinet chief Rodolfo Terragno, running for the Senate for the city of Buenos Aires.
Bonds Class 1 for USD 100 million of City of Buenos Aires issued under Financing in Local Market Programme: affirm National Long-term rating at 'AA(arg)'.
The overall objective of the Project is to contribute to the reform of Innovation and fortalecimlento TECHNIQUE gestlon capacldad and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires regarding the organizaci6n, administration and development of the Infrastructure informdtlca of telecomunlcaciones and slstemas of lnformacl6n.
Using the SAP HANA platform to analyze real-time sensor data from storm drains and SAP Mobile Platform to help ensure streets and drains are clear, the City of Buenos Aires is better prepared to mitigate risks caused by heavy rains.
The carrier has revealed that it will operate direct flights between the Pinto Martins Airport in Fortaleza and the Ezeiza International Airport in the Argentinean capital city of Buenos Aires from 10th May, 2014.
A general view of the city of Buenos Aires June 9, 2011, with visibility reduced by the presence of ash from the Puyehue Volcano in southern Chile, 1,368 km (850 miles) away.
In the city of Buenos Aires, the company owns Best mini-markets, with 15 stores strategically located in the city center and in lower-income neighborhoods.
The city of Buenos Aires has an adequate operating surplus before interest expenses in relation to current revenues, but in 2009 some deterioration was observed as part of a slowdown in the development of revenues and increasing operating expenses, mainly by pressure on salaries (16% in 2008 vs.
July 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --Unify, a leading communications software and services firm, today announced the City of Buenos Aires as a New Way to Work Global Ambassador, honoring the Minister of Innovation Andres Horacio Ibarra.
Under the contract signed with the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Proactiva will be responsible for collecting solid household waste and urban cleaning services in Zone 1 of the Argentinian capital starting in September 2014.
Also, it's important in terms of spreading the benefits of recovery all over the country and not just in the city of Buenos Aires.
The city of Buenos Aires has issued a note for US$475 million under its EMTN program.
respectively, at the registered office, located at Ortiz de Ocampo 3302, Building 4, Ground Floor, City of Buenos Aires, to consider the following agenda:
Project Description : Support E-Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
At the same time, the population in city of Buenos Aires has declined for the first time in the country's history as many locals emigrate to the United States and Europe.