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an industrial city and port in southwestern England near the mouth of the River Avon

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It wouldn't have been possible without the help of Unionlearn, the team at the City of Bristol College led by senior tutor Josh Gearing, and the New Astley Club.
Alison Rugg, Head of the Faculty of Business, Creativity and Computing at City of Bristol College, remarked: "We are delighted to be working with the Institute of Packaging Professionals UK on a modern apprenticeship initiative focussed on the packaging industry.
Principal of City of Bristol College, Keith Elliott CBE, said: "This joint initiative combines a completely new approach to forklift training, a new facility (the BITA Academy), and a new qualification.
British bomb disposal experts have carried out two controlled explosions in the south western city of Bristol as part of a terrorism investigation,A police said.
James, which was established just outside the medieval city of Bristol about 1129.
The forest, the largest ever found, covers 10,000 hectares - larger than the city of Bristol.
STEVE PHILLIPS has got used to being loved and hated in equal amounts on both sides of the city of Bristol.
In 1995, the City of Bristol leased the property from Atmos for use as a paved parking lot for city officials and visitors to the Bristol/Sullivan County Justice Center.
They have served the city of Bristol since 1888 and given much pleasure to the rugby fraternity of this city and there should be no question of them moving from their home.
SWANSEA College principal Keith Elliott has been appointed principal of the City of Bristol College with effect from November.
A STATUE commemorating actor Cary Grant is due to be erected in his home city of Bristol to mark the 70th anniversary of his arrival in Hollywood, it was revealed today.
Situated in the stunning city of Bristol, and only 12 minutes by train from Bath, this hotel offers everything you need for a brilliant stay.
FACTUAL The lovely city of Bristol is in the spotlight, as the 600-year-old traditional dock workers, known as Pill Hobblers, allow cameras to film them.