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The additional demand for covered water in the city of Berne is urgent and should be met with the construction of a 50m swimming pool.
Flag-waving crowds jammed the streets of Geneva but two air alerts in the Swiss city of Berne meant celebrations were withheld until the official announcements.
Invitation to tender:The Confederation has a large number of properties in the city of Berne.
And they have gelled to such an extent that they are marrying this weekend near Nicole's home city of Berne, Switzerland.
Successful field trials were already conducted in the city of Berne in the first half of 2015.
The building will be cooled using re-circulated air and rain water, waste heat will be fed into the city of Berne s heating network and an innovative emergency power supply system will make batteries redundant.
Tenders are invited for Replacement and expansion of greenhouses in the nursery of the city of Berne, "Greenhouses and other installations" and "containers and watering"