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a town in western Washington

a town in northeastern South Dakota

a town in northeastern Maryland

a city in northeastern Scotland on the North Sea

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The 77-year-old, who was born in the city, said: "To get the Freedom of the City of Aberdeen is a real highlight in my life and something I will never forget.
Around 300 mourners gathered to pay their respects to James Costello, 24, at the service in his home city of Aberdeen.
The civilian helicopter came down on Tuesday about 500m from an oil and gas platform owned by British Petroleum, about 200km east of the port city of Aberdeen.
NORTH Sea oil tycoon Sir Ian Wood yesterday gave pounds 50million to remodel his home city of Aberdeen.
CITY OF ABERDEEN swimmer Robbie Renwick made a late surge to secure an impressive victory in the men's 400m freestyle race on the first day of the ASA Championships (50m) in Liverpool.
Ian Madsen, a special-needs student at Milbank High School in Milbank, South Dakota, was in the neighboring city of Aberdeen on May 13, competing in a bowling tournament.
The Granite City of Aberdeen has built its recent wealth on North Sea oil and made a debatable contribution to the north west by giving Sir Alex Ferguson his first start in management.
MOGUK and its allies began producing oil in November 2000 at the Keith field, which is located 320 kilometers northeast of the Scottish city of Aberdeen.
The Scottish city of Aberdeen and Brazil's Rio de Janeiro signed a memorandum of understanding aiming at sharing the experience of the Scottish city on oil and gas.
The city of Aberdeen is remotely situated in the northern portion of South Dakota.
Councilwoman Sandy Landbeck from the City of Aberdeen also spoke at the event.
5km of path through Ladyhill, Foggieton woods in the city of Aberdeen.
AFTER moving back to her home city of Aberdeen, Linzi Bremner found that many of her friends had settled down.
The airline is currently flying passengers from London Heathrow Airport to the Scottish city of Aberdeen, and the new route will be in addition to the existing route.
WHETHER it involves organising major sporting events, putting on pop concerts or taking part in international fashion shows, marketing and events manager Louise Scott is willing to get stuck in when it comes to promoting the city of Aberdeen.