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a low area that has been filled in

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The fire, started Wednesday on Riverton City Dump in the vicinity of Kingston, capital of the country, is still raging over the 120-acre open-air landfill.
But while dust, tornadoes, wildfire, cornstalks, the city dump, the county fair, and fence posts rear up, they become what people do with or in them, what people--or a poet of the people--make of them.
Full reclamation of a city dump and creation of a new sanitary range in accordance with international environmental standards, construction of two sorting lines, repair of existing areas for garbage containers, and other works will be held within the improvement process.
Their policy is to try and find an owner if the car is untouched for three months and after that they will take it to a city dump, according to Abdulraqeeb Ata, the manager of the Public Works office in the capital city.
My garden is thick with leaves, my car is an unattractive shade of soot and the kitchen has more recycling than the city dump.
Skwarok's body was found at the city dump in Wetaskiwin.
David Pryor and his wife, Barbara, were motivated to donate retired campaign funds to the UA for creation of the Pryor Center 10 years ago after learning that another Little Rock station, KARK-TV, Channel 4, had discarded its entire video archive in the city dump when it moved to new facilities in downtown Little Rock.
parts in the city dump, spleen fondled by seagulls, vertebrae plucked by
Opal is an eccentric who lives in a dilapidated house next to the city dump.
One leads to a dung heap and the other to the city dump.
Libertad and his little brother Julio live on the outskirts of Guatemala City near the city dump.
lt;p>aaa The king received details on the development project of an inter-communal city dump, worth some $ 6.
Unlike a transfer station or city dump, these facilities reuse every part of the CFL.
Currently, plans to expand Honolulu's city dump have been delayed by the discovery of large upright stones that may be culturally significant to Native Hawaiians.