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a municipal body that can pass ordinances and appropriate funds etc

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In a stinging rebuke to the Los Angeles City Council, a judge yanked a measure off the November ballot that would have given council members an extra four-year term, saying it unconstitutionally combined the issue with ethics reform.
The three-page ruling capped two months of City Council efforts to fast-track Proposition R, which received little input from neighborhood councils, the public or the city's Ethics Commission.
Between 1700 and 1704 the city council of Leipzig, in central Germany, presided over the construction of a new, large combination poor house, orphanage, insane asylum, and penitentiary named St.
3] The sources include city council protocols, internal memos, correspondence, financial accounts recording the construction and maintenance of the house, investigations into corrupti on and abuse, and last but not least the letters of four inmates, three female and one male, to the city council requesting to be freed, which give rare voice to the objects of discipline.
An appeals court ruled Thursday that City Council members violated a strip club owner's rights by chatting on cell phones, reading e-mail messages and conferring with aides while representatives of the club testified.
The 2nd District Court of Appeals sided with owners of an Eastside adult cabaret who argued that they didn't get a fair hearing before the City Council in June 2003 because council members rarely paid attention to what they were saying.
SAN FERNANDO - With three of the five candidates younger than 35 and four who have never held elective office, the March 4 election for the San Fernando City Council promises to bring fresh blood to the five-member body.
Voters in this small, northeast Valley city will choose three people to represent them on the City Council.
SANTA CLARITA - On the same day that the Los Angeles City Council decided to cut the Boy Scouts of America's ties with its police Explorers programs, several Scouts led the Santa Clarita City Council in the pledge of allegiance.
After months of tacit endorsement, the City Council is plunging into the controversy swirling around the Boy Scouts and the knot-tying, fire-starting, merit badge-winning group's refusal to hire troop leaders or include Scouts based on their religious beliefs or sexual orientation.
Forget for a moment that councilmanic districts make no sense for a small town like Santa Paula, where such districts turn city councils into glorified neighborhood councils.
Department of Justice has filed suit against the city of Santa Paula, claiming its process for electing the City Council denies Latinos an equal opportunity for participation.
But Chicago, New York and most major cities have proportionately far larger city councils than L.
The manager is one of two positions most city councils are directly responsible for filling, along with the city attorney's position.
These boards could function much like the city councils of Calabasas, San Fernando or Burbank do.