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a city dweller with sophisticated manners and clothing


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CITY SLICKERS ABOUT A BOY Sky Movies Drama 10PM Hugh Grant plays Will, a spoilt, rich Londoner living a life of luxury and womanising.
Worse still, he has started a compulsory national private pension scheme whereby city slickers will have more of our money sticking to their fingers.
BELIEVE it or not, this city slicker and Fiat's 500 are twins separated at birth.
And for the City Slickers, all the news has been good, with two signings in the bag.
In Here, Piggy Piggy (from Memory Series), 2002, the sinister hillbillies who humiliate the he-men city slickers in the 1972 film Deliverance are transformed and enlarged into a pair of crudely made, horribly grinning bobbleheads (the commercial souvenirs that are available at sporting events).
And not just among queer city slickers, as Fischer discovered when she launched the Men of Club Casanova 18-city tour in 1998 after the party ended.
Gest's best columns are collected here, in City slickers.
It would do many of our overpaid city slickers good to spend a year in Ethiopia, perhaps then they might appreciate man's most basic need, food, and show a little respect for those of us who till the land and look after our countryside.
SWELTERING temperatures have sent sales of summer gear soaring with city slickers swapping suits and ties for shorts and T-shirts.
A BIRMINGHAM homeless charity made a mug out of city slickers during a night out.
Still looking for their first win of the season, the Ravens took the game to Cardiff and knocked the city slickers out of their stride.
The cost of farmland reached record levels during the first half of the year as increased demand from city slickers, investors and farmers pushed up prices, figures showed today.
Hipwell, who used the City Slickers column in the Daily Mirror to ramp shares in a "tip, buy and sell" scam that netted him nearly pounds 41,000, had his case rejected by three judges in the Court of Appeal in London.
A total of 15 children, neighbourhood wardens and members of the Hope Centre nursery and City College made up in the group, which picked up the City Slickers award for an urban project.
City slickers are being urged to cast off their suits and run for the hills in the name of charity.