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OnHealth is excited about having been chosen by AOL Digital City New York to be a source of health-and-wellness information specific to the greater New York area," said Robert Goodman, president and CEO, OnHealth Network.
Studio City New York is going to be the most comprehensive production facility ever built in New York.
Offering AOL's Digital City New York users around-the-clock breaking news on New York theater activities and events, the news service also offers interactive polling of customers to garner marketplace feedback on various theatrical stories and ideas.
With increasing competition for air-time, and the growth of Internet usage as a consumer outlet, we see the opportunity to provide content to Digital City New York and Washington as a natural extension of our business, and a way of maximizing distribution for our clients," explained Michael Hill, President of N/BN.
video and theatrical equipment) will allow the combined Duke City New York operation to expand services into new product lines and geographical markets.