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Strawberry Fields uses diet citrus soda for sweetness, while the JC Premiere, a take-off on a Manhattan and suggested by a regular customer, uses blood orange bitters and Noilly Prat sweet vermouth with Blanton's Bourbon.
B), today announced a groundbreaking multi-year agreement to nationally promote and distribute Sun Drop, a citrus soda originally introduced in 1949, and a favorite in the Carolinas and the Midwest.
Enjoy SMIRNOFF Mango with citrus soda, lemonade or other juice favorites for a crisp and refreshing mix.
Additional promotional partners include CMT, Dr Pepper(R), Durango Boot(R), Greased Lighting(R), Great American Country (GAC), McDonald's(R), VAULT Citrus Soda.
Additional promotional partners include Borders(R), Carl Black Chevrolet, Durango Boot(R), Tetley(R) Iced Tea, and VAULT(TM) Citrus Soda.