Citrus limetta

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lemon tree having fruit with a somewhat insipid sweetish pulp

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In the present work, the adsorption of Ga(III) from the aqueous solution of gallium nitrate and from the simulated Bayer liquor on Citrus limetta peels, in its raw as well as alkali treated form, has been reported.
Citrus limetta fruit peels procured from local juice shop were used as biosorbents.
Citrus limetta peels procured from local juice shop were soaked in water for 4 h, washed, and cleaned using 1% nonionic detergent solution and again with demineralised water.
Raw Citrus limetta peels (RCP), a pectin containing waste biomaterial, have shown good potential to adsorb Pb(II) ions [18].
From the data given in Table 3, it is clear that the adsorption of Ga(III) on Citrus limetta peels is much higher than any other biosorbent used in earlier studies [13].
Although the Citrus limetta peels is a waste material obtained from the orange fruit, any chemical treatment to convert it into abetter adsorbent adds to the cost.
Waste biomass Citrus limetta peels were effectively used to adsorb gallium ions from aqueous solution.