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It is worth highlighting the important evolution that Peruvian citrus fruits have had in Russia, the main importer of mandarin in the world to date (purchase this fruit for around US $ 600 million).
In 2000, citrus fruits were planted on 1,700 hectares, now they are planted on 2,500 hectares.
Queen's economics lecturer Dr Arcangelo Dimico said: "Given Sicily's dominant position in the international market for citrus fruits, the increase in demand resulted in a very large inflow of revenues to citrus-producing towns.
She also advised farmers to take guidance from agricultural experts in professional manners so that they could cultivate superior citrus fruits.
Never put citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, sweet limes or tomatoes in the fridge.
Sources added that severe hot weather close the pores of the citrus fruits which leads to poor growth besides affecting the overall production.
The aim of study is to take a deep analysis of the climatic effects on citrus fruit production.
In Pakistan also, citrus fruits are the most important fruit crops grown on the area of 206,569 hectares with production of 2.
Bacterial transfer from the surface of the citrus fruit samples to the edible portion and gloved hands occurred, although the majority of Salmonella remained on the fruit peel.
Jendoubi pointed out that a promotion program has been set up by the GIF, in association with stakeholders (farmers, exporters and importers) to develop the marketing of citrus fruits and encourage the consumption of oranges nationally and export their particularly to the French, Russian and Algerian markets.
Thus, an optimum pre- harvest management is required for superior quality in citrus fruits (Din et al.
Sama Grain company, operating in the field of exporting agriculture crops, is intending to establish a factory of juice concentrates and to operate the line of packaging citrus fruits to export them to east Asia and Russia.
When used in their natural form, the peel's antioxidant effects are enhanced by the high levels of vitamin C found in citrus fruits.
Citrus scab reduces the external quality of citrus fruits produced for the fresh market and caused 15 to 60 % percent losses in citrus fruit especially to mandarin in India.
Some citrus fruits in the aroma, orange together with some pineapple and apricot.