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Reports estimate that as much as three-quarters of California's citrus crop has withered in the field during subfreezing temperatures.
Supermarkets across the country could see a lot more melons from Mexico and grapes from Chile as a winter freeze continues to put the squeeze on California's citrus crops.
He estimated Thursday that 85 percent of the citrus crop remaining on trees was already lost, about $370 million of its $500 million annual total.
With the Jaffa citrus crop back on course looking at an anticipated 25% increase on 1998, the Citrus Marketing Board of Israel is confidently looking forward to a better season.
He expects the total citrus crop to continue to rise from 5.
This decrease primarily resulted from the impact of the December 1998 citrus crop freeze in California, which caused the cost of citrus ingredients the company uses to increase.
These outstanding results are being achieved in spite of the impact from the severe citrus crop problems in Brazil and the Asian financial crisis," he continued.
Governor of Lattakia Ibrahim Khodr al-Salem said in a press statement that upon the instructions of the Cabinet, the citrus crop will be marketed since today by Syrian Trading, procuring the crop from the farmer directly, with seven committees being formed to carry out this process.
In fact, some experts estimate that as much as 70 percent of Floridas citrus crop was lost due to the storm, with some growers losing as much as 90 percent of their crop.
However, unlike the past, this year the citrus crop has remained good due to availability of pesticides and fertilisers at the right time and entry of many new investors.
Keeping in view the importance of citrus crop the presentstudy isaimed to identifythe genetic variation and evaluate the inter- relationships among 17 commercially important citrus varieties by using RAPDs (primers).
4 billion citrus crop (2011-12), most of which is produced in Florida and California.
But the failure of the 2008 Spanish citrus crop forced the then LPT operator, Go Associates, into liquidation with the loss of 37 jobs.
Latest figures from the US Department of Agriculture show American citrus crop this year is projected to be the lowest for a decade, with only 9.
Cuba's citrus crop had already been slashed by nearly 50% by storms during the ddcade as well as by plague and disease.