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Traditional Chinese medicine, Zhi-Zi-Hou-Po (ZZHPD), a water extract of fixed combination Gardenia jasminoides fruit, Citrus aurantium fruit and Magnolia officinalis bark, has previously been reported to improve depressive-like behaviours in mice, however the underlying mechanisms were unclear.
Fresh Citrus fruits including Citrus reticulata, Citrus aurantium, Citrus sinensis, Citrus grandis were purchased from the local markets of Peshawar, Pakistan.
Effects of soil phosphorus and Glomus intraradices on growth, nonstructural carbohydrates, and photosynthetic activity of Citrus aurantium.
Simultaneous extraction of bioactive limonoid aglycones and glucoside from Citrus aurantium L.
Dentre eles, o Citrus aurantium (laranja amarga: p-sinefrina), a Camellia sinensis (cha verde: catequinas) e a Paullinia cupana (guarana: cafeina) tem sido
Homemark then marketed another product ruled against by an FTC scientific panel: Slim Coffee with the ingredient Citrus aurantium,13 which contains synephrine.
COME the early part of the year, the tree-lined streets of Seville in southern Spain, are laden with ripe fruits of Citrus aurantium.
When Portuguese explorers brought Citrus aurantium sinensis back from the orient in the 16th century, orange trees first began to be appreciated as specimen plants.
One such herb is Citrus aurantium, a component of traditional remedies used primarily for digestive complaints and of supplements marketed for weight loss.
JavaFit Diet is formulated with citrus aurantium, chromium polynicotinate and Garcinia cambogia to help burn fat, suppress appetite and rev up the body's metabolism.
Manufacturers say citrus aurantium safely boosts energy while suppressing appetite and increasing metabolic rate and the burning of calories.