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Though CITRIS research typically has its eye on future decades, the center already has commercialized some products.
The excellence of the research led by Inria and CITRIS will help us achieve these goals," said Jean-Louis Missika , deputy mayor of Paris in charge of innovation, research and universities.
Research by Inria and CITRIS will help us thread these systems together to make our city more efficient, help our residents make better decisions and be a more resilient and sustainable city.
Through this partnership, CITRIS is able to access world-leading researchers in France, who share its values and vision and to significantly increase the potential for its work to have a global impact," said Hugh Aldridge , Director, CITRIS Cities Initiative.
The City Lab partnership of Inria and CITRIS aims to undertake cutting-edge research in the smart city domain, with a strong focus on mastering the complexity of our cities.
at CITRIS Headquarters on the UC Berkeley, allowed the Paris based Inria and the CITRIS to work closely on this partnership, opening to the door to the agreement signed last week.
Reporters will hear why CITRIS and world-class university research are critical to the economic future of the state and country.
CITRIS combines the skills and talents of more than 300 researchers from four U.
Access to the CITRIS system is determined by one of three permission levels which include Administrator, Customer Service and Customer, typically the end user.
No programming or database management skills are required making CITRIS one of the easiest ticketing systems to administer.
The remote CITRIS environment provides the benefit of communication redundancy so a corporate Intranet or web provider's customer service department can remain in contact with end users in the event of a server outage on their web site.
All initial licenses of CITRIS include thirty (30) days of technical support including setup and configuration assistance.