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Spiders (Araneae) surveyed from unsprayed citrus orchards in Faisalabad, Pakistan and their potential as biological control agents of Diaphorina citri (Hemiptera: Liviidae).
Newton says CITRIS does not typically grant exclusive licenses, preferring to operate in an open source environment to encourage quicker adoption of new developments.
Though CITRIS research typically has its eye on future decades, the center already has commercialized some products.
CITRIS used the extended mission to make coordinated ionospheric observations with the NRL CERTO beacon on the Air Force's Communications/Navigation Outages and Forecasting satellite.
CITRIS will foster work on novel semiconductor devices and their integration with nanowires/nanotubes, microelectomechanical systems (MEMS), optoelectronics, and bioelectronics.
In addition, as a result of Applied Materials' investment and continued support, UC Berkeley will dedicate a collaborative laboratory within CITRIS, known as a "Collaboratory," to Applied Materials and it will be devoted to energy research.
Access to the CITRIS system is determined by one of three permission levels which include Administrator, Customer Service and Customer, typically the end user.
No programming or database management skills are required making CITRIS one of the easiest ticketing systems to administer.
The remote CITRIS environment provides the benefit of communication redundancy so a corporate Intranet or web provider's customer service department can remain in contact with end users in the event of a server outage on their web site.
All initial licenses of CITRIS include thirty (30) days of technical support including setup and configuration assistance.