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semiprecious yellow quartz resembling topaz

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During the first half of 2001, mine owner Martins Clovis Coelho, nicknamed "Baiano," extracted specimens of blue elbaite resting on and intergrown with crystals of colorless quartz and citrine quartz from the pegmatite of his Sapo tourmaline mine.
No sooner had Baiano told me on the telephone that his mine was again producing blue tourmaline, "cathedral" quartz and citrine quartz, and diverse associated minerals, than I was on my way to Brazil.
In many specimens the crystals rest (for a beautiful color contrast) on large crystals of citrine quartz, most showing the cathedral habit.
Large, transparent crystals of citrine quartz from the Medina mine threw their brilliant reflections in sunlight all through the warehouse of young Ruys in Valadares.