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a salt or ester of citric acid

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cause to form a salt or ester of citric acid

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To evaluate the effectiveness of the training program, citrate synthase activity was measured from tissue samples from the biceps femoris as described by Srere (1969).
Weight specific activities of metabolic enzymes as citrate synthase and cytochrome C oxidase often vary between warm and cold adapted mollusks or between summer and winter specimens in one and the same population.
After centrifugation, clear supernatants were taken for acetyl-CoA determinations by the cycling method using phosphotransacetylase and citrate synthase (23).
Similar to the preparation of tissue homogenates, the mitochondrial suspension was preincubated for 10 min at 37[degrees]C before PDHc measurement, and an aliquot of the mitochondrial suspension was used for measurement of citrate synthase activity and protein content (21, 22).
Citrate synthase gene comparison, a new tool for phylogenetic analysis, and its application for the rickettsiae.
Both citrate synthase and protein were also measured on the Mira S as reported by Williams et al.
Differentiation of Bartonella-like isolates at the species level by PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism in the citrate synthase gene.
The activities of NADH dehydrogenase (complex I) (18), succinate dehydrogenase (complex II) (19), NADH cytochrome C reductase (complex I and III) (18), succinate cytochrome C reductase (complex II and III) (18), cytochrome C oxidase (complex IV) (20), and citrate synthase (CS) (21) were measured spectrophotometrically using a Beckman DU-650 Spectrophotometer by monitoring the reduction of ferricyanide (complex I), 2,6-dichlorophenolindophenol (complex II), cytochrome C (complex I+III and II+III), the oxidation of cytochrome C (complex W), and the appearance of free coenzyme A (CS) in spermatozoa homogenates as previously described.
70p and 190-701 [8]), outer membrane protein B (ompB) (primers rompBSFGIF and rompBSFG/TGIR [9]), citrate synthase (gltA) (2), and 17-kDa protein (primers TZ15-19 and TZ16-20 [6]).
in blood of urban rats by analyzing variations of the citrate synthase (gltA) gene.
A set of primers for gltA gene that encodes the citrate synthase enzyme (8) was used to determine that the organism belonged to the genus Rickettsia, which includes the SFG and typhus group.
Nested PCR was performed to amplify partial citrate synthase gene (gltA) of A.
DNA was extracted from swabs or skin biopsy specimens and tested by quantitative PCRs (qPCRs) (13) specific for a fragment of the citrate synthase A gene, which is conserved among spotted fever group rickettsiae, or the gene coding periplasmic serine protease of O.
specific primers CS5A and CS6 (5) for amplification of a 150-bp fragment of the citrate synthase gene in an iCycler thermocycler (Bio-Rad, Hercules, CA, USA) as described (5).