jus soli

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the principle that a person's nationality at birth is determined by the place of birth

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Saudi wives still face deep discrimination for their choices of a husband, and their children are the ones who suffer because, unlike children of Saudi men, they are denied citizenship by birth.
SMITH, CITIZENSHIP WITHOUT CONSENT: ILLEGAL ALIENS IN THE AMERICAN POLITY 136-37 (1985) (arguing that citizenship by birth is inconsistent with the American concept of consent for membership and thus membership by birth should be constrained); ROGERS M.
Two aspects of the Act, namely citizenship by birth and citizenship in situations of statelessness, address nationality in a way that is inconsistent with a broader conceptualisation of citizenship and with the international human rights approach.
Article 68 of the Iraqi constitution lists the eligibility requirements for presidency: Iraqi citizenship by birth, born to Iraqi parents, over 40 years old, a good reputation and political experience, personal integrity, allegiance to the nation and to have a clean criminal record.
In a less publicized move, and as a reaction to the perceived Lebanese economic domination, Sierra Leone has restricted its rights to citizenship by birth to those 'whose father or grandfathers are/were of negroes of African origin' (2009, p.
The Court held that an American-born child of Chinese immigrants was entitled to citizenship because the "Fourteenth Amendment affirms the ancient and fundamental rule of citizenship by birth within the territory .
Likewise for the Northerners who are in the South and have already been given citizenship by South Sudan, they have also the right to have North Sudan citizenship by birth.
Even if the Namibian Citizenship Act's section 26, which states that no Namibian citizen may also be a citizen of a foreign country, was referring to persons who hold Namibian citizenship by birth, it was clearly unconstitutional.
Smith, two Yale professors, found in a 1985 study (Citizenship Without Consent) that "American liberal democracy is based on the notion of political membership by consent and that citizenship by birth for these [illegal] aliens is inconsistent with this commitment.
inThe Citizenship Act, 1955 provides for the acquisition of Citizenship by birth, descent, registration, naturalization.
After decades of accepting citizenship by birth, this tradition has suddenly become controversial.
Some in US push to change automatic citizenship by birth - El Paso Times
This arose because citizenship by birth in the United States was not defined in the Constitution nor in the federal statutes.
If this law were brought to the Supreme Court and a challenge were made to the 14th Amendment, which determines the right to citizenship by birth, I'm 100 percent certain that this right would be upheld by the high court.
Third, by treating the automatic and perpetual transmission of citizenship by birth as a weak moral link, resembling now-discredited medieval entail property regimes, The Birthright Lottery invites legal innovation.