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celebrated in the United States


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Goodwin attendees at the event included Citizenship Day participants Ken Gordon, Theresa Kavanaugh, Inez Friedman-Boyce, Charles Sanders, and Eric Fox, Pro Bono Co-Chair Rob Carroll, and Pro Bono Administrators Carolyn Rosenthal and Julia Holczer.
Year Nine students at Newlands School in Middlesbrough took part in the Citizenship Day conducted by a number of anti-racism agencies.
At the turn of the century, the LRE program renewed its mission of outreach and citizen engagement by joining with local and state governments, organizations, businesses, and individuals to host "Florida Leadership & Citizenship Day.
Secretary Spellings issued a statement recognizing the celebration of Constitution Day and Citizenship Day (September 17) and Constitution Week (September 17-September 23).
AN annual Citizenship Day is to be launched by the Government this year to celebrate being British, the Home Secretary announced yesterday.
A pilot Citizenship Day will be staged in October this year to act as a 'focal point for activities that promote inclusive citizenship' said a Home Office document published today.
The new document -- prepared by the Committee on Migration of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops -- was released in Washington to coincide with National Citizenship Day Sept.
The event, in observance of National Citizenship Day, will take place at the Panorama City Mall, 8401 Van Nuys Blvd.
PHILADELPHIA -- The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia today announced its 2010 Constitution Day & Citizenship Day programs to help celebrate Constitution Day and "Back to School.
Launched to coincide with the annual Citizenship Day activities, the "Stand Stronger" campaign is a project of non-profit Civic Nation that will leverage the Obama Administration's efforts to build a multi-year, nonpartisan, educational, public awareness initiative supported by the public sector (federal, state and local governments), private sector, philanthropy and media.
All students are encouraged to become active citizens, which this year has included the annual Citizenship Day on Monday, July 3 and raising over PS10,000 for various charities during the course of the year, including the Lent charity, Embrace the Middle East.
After attending a citizenship day at Parklands City Learning Centre in Speke the pupils then wrote a rap exploring how it's "your choice" whether you do bad things such as become a vandal or play on rail tracks.
Newlands School is to be congratulated for organising its Citizenship Day.
Constitution and Citizenship Day, an annual observance designated by Congress in 2005 that requires any educational institution receiving federal funds to hold an education program to commemorate the day the U.