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Synonyms for militia


Synonyms for militia

the entire body of physically fit civilians eligible by law for military service

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Further, since the Prefatory Clause announces the purpose of the Amendment, it demonstrates that, at the very least, the right to keep and bear arms is expressly guaranteed for the purpose of maintaining a well-regulated citizens' militia.
They understood and envisioned the "great fyrd" or citizens' militia as being composed of the "whole body of the people," in many cases in those times further described as "all men able to bear arms," or able-bodied males aged 16 to 66.
The citizens' militia has occupied three of the villages since Saturday and is trying to push the Taliban out of the other two.
At an Estes Park, Colorado, meeting following the Weaver incident, Dees reports, "Plans were laid for a citizens' militia movement like none this country has known.
21) The citizens' militia developed in England to serve as an effective means of national defense and to counterbalance the strength of a professional army.
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