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Synonyms for citizen

Synonyms for citizen

a person owing loyalty to and entitled to the protection of a given state

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They should take pity on a poor senior citizeness and give her the money to write about the things she's an expert on.
52) And to show that patriotism was not exclusively adult and male, children mere applauded for their eagerness to extinguish the matches on shells fired at the town, as was a citizeness for helping to serve the guns on the ramparts, firing eighty cannon balls at the enemy?
Catherine Chamuzard, the citizeness who served on the ramparts of Lille, was a heroine; the Archduchess Christine, sister of Marie Antoinette, who reportedly fired shots for the other side (Illustrations #3-5), was condemned as unnatural and bloodthirsty.
Imagine citizeness Lapoype, eight months pregnant, throwing herself into a boat with her daughter, drifting here and there amidst a rain of bullets and bombs, seeking a safe shore, and finding herself very near a mortar at the moment it exploded and made such a terrible explosion that all the windows of Toulon were broken and you will have only a feeble idea of this tragic situation.