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Synonyms for militia


Synonyms for militia

the entire body of physically fit civilians eligible by law for military service

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The citizen-soldier is the guarantee against such a misuse of power" (pp.
As Senate chairman of Ways and Means, I was able to include these funds in the FY 2015 Senate budget for the development of a memorial that will be dedicated to the Citizen-Soldier of wars past and present,'' said Mr.
Based on his experience in key National Guard and Army Reserve positions, Davidson makes the case for a fundamentally different defense structure and a return to a citizen-soldier army.
The reasons why citizens choose to serve their nation provides the thesis for Barry Strauss's "Reflections on the Citizen-Soldier.
As Barry Yeoman points out in our cover story ("Soldiers of Good Fortune," page 38), the notion of the citizen-soldier is now so passe that private contractors are doing work traditionally performed by U.
Titled "The Legal Face of War: Guarding the Home Front for the Citizen-Soldier," the issue includes articles on such topics as: the Soldiers' & Sailors' Relief Act and the protections it gives reservists; reemployment rights; and, preparing military clients for deployment.
The decline of the citizen-soldier is not healthy for a democracy.
How, though, a committed republican could reject the citizen-soldier is a riddle that D onnelly does not permit to be entertained.
It is this spirit of the citizen-soldier that antiwar Vietnam veterans connected with, argues Moser, and, in the process, they began to transform what it meant to be an American soldier.
NDLA-GA's most prestigious award, the Citizen-Soldier Award, was presented to Sheila McNeill of Brunswick.
Author Frank, a former editor at The New Yorker, draws on interviews and archival research for this detailed narrative account reconstructing the political relationship and private friendship of former presidents Eisenhower, the citizen-soldier from Kansas, and Nixon, the lawyer-politician from California.
Citizen-Soldier at War: A Retrospective Look and the Road Ahead edited by Malcolm Muir Jr.
Doubler provides a unifying theme for these periods by detailing the ongoing tension between the citizen-soldier and the regular army.
The idea of the citizen-soldier remains alive: it continues among those on active duty, in the reserves, and in the National Guard.