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Synonyms for militia


Synonyms for militia

the entire body of physically fit civilians eligible by law for military service

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They would also serve as the base from which the citizen-soldier army would expand.
Citizen-Soldier at War: A Retrospective Look and the Road Ahead examines issues with the All Volunteer Force and the current posture of the Guard and Reserve.
So the two Sztrowajs boys, descendants of a peddler who had once stopped in the woods at night to save a man from the wolves, the two distant cousins, one who had served as a citizen-soldier and the other who had but thought of doing so, one who left home to find a new country and the other who wishes to renew his country, finished paying their respects.
When French citizen-soldiers mutinied, they re-affirmed the link between war and politics.
The Romans also believed in a citizen-soldier concept but with a Roman twist.
The Summer 2001 issue of Parameters contained a fascinating series of articles on America's citizen-soldier tradition, articles that took a hard look at the meaning of the citizen-soldier tradition today.
Army Reserve, the ceremony celebrates the fabric of our nation: the Citizen-Soldier.
Van Aller makes a strong case for the contemporary relevance of the citizen-soldier concept.
Employers -- information to help civilian employers support their citizen-soldier employees.
Eliot Cohen presents a reflective view of what constitutes the citizen-soldier in American society.
In this crisp and convincing account he gives plenty for them to read about his campaigns but he also knows the citizen-soldier was the reason for his success.
Grand Prize Winner, Mississippi Citizen-Soldier Quinton Martin, Becomes First Non-Celebrity Face on NASCAR Cup Car
First, the mythic tradition of the citizen-soldier is dead, its fate sealed by changes in the nature of modem war, in the aims of US national security strategy since the end of the Cold War, and in the aspirations and expectations of American citizens.
To nominate a friend, family member or neighbor citizen-soldier, family or employer and recognize their dedication to and support of the National Guard's mission, interested parties can go to http://www.
Judged by that criterion, the citizen-soldier is alive and well in the United States and, for that matter, most other countries.