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Synonyms for militia


Synonyms for militia

the entire body of physically fit civilians eligible by law for military service

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Among the militia there was no stigma attached to military service, and geographical and enlistment limitations ensured relatively brief service enlistments for citizen soldiers.
Wood (History U of Victoria) examines the Canadian ideal of the citizen soldier during the years of 1896-1921.
And because the terrorist bullet or bomb cannot tell the difference, many of those killed and wounded come from the ranks of the citizen soldier.
The real strength of this book however is the acknowledgment of the dedication that the Citizen Soldier has brought, and still brings, to his or her part time profession of arms, and the overall contribution made by those part-time Officers and Soldiers to the defence of Australia.
Todd Ensign is the director of Citizen Soldier, which has helped with Rockwood's case.
He said the Citizen Soldier monument was meant to be funded by the town, though some private funds might have been used.
Better than any movie, Spielberg shows the duty and sacrifice of the citizen soldier - ordinary men doing extraordinary things, mostly because they simply want to go home.
That is a true model of citizenship, and epitomizes the citizen soldier," Mr.
Jeff Daniels returns as the Maine professor turned citizen soldier.
Before I heard the Goldich theory, I spoke with Tod Ensign, director of Citizen Soldier, about the military career academies.
SPENCER - While they are still unsure about how the memorial will look, members of the town's Citizen Soldier Monument Advisory Committee said they want a monument that will honor the soldiers of today, tomorrow and yesterday.
This citizen soldier is now happily at home, and back at work.
Drawing on a broad range of sources, from literature to letters from soldiers involved in the occupation of Iraq, Ensign (director, Citizen Soldier, a nonprofit GI rights advocacy group) sketches a portrait of life in the US military.
Audie Murphy was the prototype of the American citizen soldier.
The state's commitment will enhance the Commonwealth's effort to tell the story of Pennsylvania's citizen soldier, improve the visitor's experience and upgrade the museum's storage facilities.
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